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  1. twiceth

    Rush - RxL/RxD - UPDATED AUG 30, 2010

    I missed Amaranthia...and I totally missed your story too, Kiko! Fantastic as always:D.
  2. twiceth

    ~What Are Your Dreams/Goals/Hopes/Wishes/Desires/Etc.~

    Magic! Flying! welcome to the world of fantasies!;)
  3. twiceth

    Edward's Diary

    Sweet. Sweet. Sweet! .... Don't get me wrong. Although, I'd suggest adding more texture into the story.
  4. twiceth

    Nick Names

    Me either... ~Tweaky here!
  5. twiceth

    Jack's Tale

    Those two pips seriously are the best of friends. Love this chappy.
  6. twiceth

    Amaranthians in aveyond

    name: Tweaky title: the Fox Sage race: Human skill: Shape-shifting and talking to animals (mostly takes the appearance of a talking fox) gender: Female position: "She who follows the group in secret as they travel. Oftenly shows up in surprising places and strange circumstances to tell a long story (ex: in a log)." --- Is it too late for a small fox to stalk you people?
  7. twiceth

    ~What Are Your Dreams/Goals/Hopes/Wishes/Desires/Etc.~

    @iPink: Inheriting money's a cool thing. But there's no way I'm gonna inherit anything at all... as a "wild child". Good luck with that novel!
  8. twiceth

    Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

    Love the Dameon whacking part. However, nothing beats the window headbutting part. Nice and sweet job. I haven't noticed a single error in the reading. *thumbs up*
  9. twiceth

    Jack's Tale

    Totally. Although, Jack's the only thief I'm gonna hand over my cellphone for:D:). *Hey, that isn't stealing, is it?*
  10. twiceth

    ~What Are Your Dreams/Goals/Hopes/Wishes/Desires/Etc.~

    I hope I'll become a billionaire..someday.
  11. twiceth

    Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

    Definitely sweet. Keep it going, Gabby!
  12. Wow... Very cuuuuuute. Love it.... *thumbs up*
  13. twiceth

    AP : Feeling the Way - 8th May

    Please do, Zorom!
  14. twiceth

    Jack's Tale

    Wah! A story about Jack is most fascinating...
  15. twiceth

    What is this world turning into??

    Well, we just have to care for the world in order o avoid any of these catastrophes don't we? That's the only way we can prove that the world won't end in year 2050 or 2200... Mother Earth is still young but it's getting older.... What makes me sad is the future. I wonder how it'll go....