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  1. :awww: thanks everybody :oops: hope we can provide you a lot of fun and still more during this year
  2. :oops: thanks a lot "guys" ... I really wish that 2010 can bring regular nice Newspapers around, you will be pleased to participate in if you feel like and read with pleasure Don't hesitate to PM me if you got any idea of what you would like to see in it, and I shall bring that to our team to let discuss about the feasibility I shall open a thread around later to let you know so far what kind of articles we've already got in it, but you can always take a look at the previous ones made so far to figure out what it is http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=108 http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=135 Not sure the new ones will look exactly the same, since a presentation is quite personnal, but it will stay the same in the meaning anyway @Shaz, thanks a lot :amaranth: @KTC ... LOL @Bryce, thanks I know that from a long time... :pals: @Moony, hope I won't disapoint you my sis :KittyLuv: @kuro-kun, you can take a look there http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?viewmode=flat&type=&topic_id=10537&forum=5 @nic_c12, thanks dear :awww:
  3. @Moony, there ARE at least 2 "negative" reasons to me anyway, but not harsh mentionned and some other neutral ones depends on what you mean when reading them :loving: @Carol, you're welcome my dear friend :KittyLuv: @everyone who has answered honestly, thanks !
  4. @KTC very fast made, but anyway... http://i262.photobucket.com/albums/ii88/catchoun/Special/KTC-1.png[/img]
  5. @MC, no problem, it's just that you have maybe seen many threads to be closed because they tend to turn to judgements at last... that's only why I first said that it's not made to discuss the right or wrong of the choices and as I said, you can PM me and I will always answer there :pals: @D.A.T. same, no fight there... just don't want the thread to be closed... :KittyLuv:
  6. @MC... as I have said in the first post, this thread isn't intended to judge anybody on mere intent... it's more intended to try to see what kind of people want to be around and decide if we agree or not for ourselves... and maybe also to let the admins and mods see about it, if it can be interesting somewhere for them too... anyway, I woudn't like this poll to be closed for bad reasons, so, it's not the place to talk about that... but if you want to go on, you can PM me
  7. :roll: naturally I have already asked her there D.A.T., and I know she will tell me... and if she needs, I even can call her... but the reason why is private and isn't the aim of this poll anyway I more wonder why it happens to such wonderful people and if there is a chance to stop it one day...
  8. @D.A.T. maybe... maybe not... but she's like a real sister to me and I can tell you that I have never seen her write such things around... it shows how she felt when she did then... she's always been kind and peaceful and calmed things down when needed, so... it just shows how far it must have gone this time, and that is what makes me so much wonder... @MC you're right, I also take some breaks from time to time, but not writing anything, because it's just somewhere "normal"... when someone like Moony needs to write that she really needs to leave and even doesn't know about the future, then it means something... well, as usual, it's just my opinion :oops: but sometimes, we should really listen to some "alerts"...
  9. thanks D.A.T. ... seing even Moony giving up at last made me really bad today... :cry: maybe there is an hope somewhere... :ladybug:
  10. Well... seing what's happening around for a while now, I thought it could be good and maybe even usefull for the "owners" of the site, to know a bit more about people's mind around... maybe it's not the right place to put this poll, maybe it is... well, mods and admin, feel free to put it whereever it has to be, or even delete it if you think it's not a good one... Time is gone to ask yourself, Amarantians, about what do you really want AM to become in the future, since you are part of what is it anyway, coming here, posting, chatting and participating... and that's why I'd like you all to ask yourself and most of all,answer honestly - if this adjective still means something to you - about why you are around... more or less active, it's doesn't matter, the things you do leave a print here anyway... So, here it's a poll, with multiple choices, but I hope it can help to see in which direction it will go further and then help us all to see if we agree on that or not and if it's worth for each of us to go on or not... It's not a thread made to discuss anything or agree or disagree for people choice, it's just a poll made to see what's in mind of the majority. Whatever you like the result or not, then you can make your own choice, and that's the meaning of that... I personnaly wonder a lot about the result, and regarding what will appears, hopping people will be honest since it's anonymous, I can decide what to do afterwards... Today, too much was really too much, and I have seen too many real dear friends leave not to wonder a lot about that... maybe also because Christmas is a special period in my religion and I've been told it's a time for love and understanding, so... Forgive me if I bother you, but it something I felt I had to do anyway... :oops: Sorry if some of the option can sound harsh, but I've been thinking at different reasons and I have no judgement on them... it's just "common" reasons people generally participate to web site... but I'm naturally sure they aren't all here...
  11. Yepeeeeee ! another great festival... :dog: (well, should be more a cat running, but ...) @Abby, I especially like the "escape reality" part at the moment
  12. yeahhhh I've got them both on Friday thanks a lot for the nice words on the paper sheet included hope everybody gets its own very soon
  13. ohhh how lucky you are.... well, France is a bit further away just have to be patient and not to bite all my nails now
  14. well, just want to add my two-cents, since I'm the one who was quite disapointed by this rule at first... :oops: I must admit that I personnaly never cared about gold, and even if I entered a guild because I had friends there, I wasn't running after that... I even didn't know I could be a beta tester for that... I just had fun and posted when I felt like, not trying to post just to post, even if more than 1 word... Sometimes there are answers around in VS that are really near from spam to me, but... that's another subject If I was quite disapointed, it's first of all because I thought it was fair to give some gold to the ones who "make the effort" - even if fun - to come and participate to the fair, because I've seen some fairs where almost no one from the guild hosting the fair was around at that time, which sounds really weird to me somewhere :roll: so, I thought it was quite nice and fair to allow the participants to gain some gold in games at last, you couldn't earn so many, since you're just allowed to answer each step with only 1 question... The second point was in fact that it made the games more difficult to host and follow, in between 2 forums... well, for the ones who have been really active as hosters in some fair, you should know what I mean... for the others, I guess it's almost understandable The third point, and not the less important, was naturally that it brought back this oooooold subject about gold and it has been so bad for such a long time, that I was quite upset about it... :oops: for those who know me quite well around, I'm generally considered as a peaceful one, but this point has been so bad some time for some people around, that I was really disapointed to see it back... well, very busy these last months, I haven't seen the main thread about it in the guild forums, and I guess that's why I reacted this way, just discovering it when I was just hosting some games... well, sorry for that... I won't change my mind about it, but I'm an AM, and as one, I just have to agree with rules or leave... as you can see, I'm still around I trust mods and admins to try to take the best decisions for the site to be fair and stay friendly, which is the most important and the "why" we should all come here, so... I guess I've bored you enough and wish you a nice week-end :KittyLuv:
  15. just bought 2 of them, one for a friend and one for me... now I just have to be patient good job Aaron
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