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  1. Well, this game is just amazing. I can't wait to see what comes out in November, but I will have to play through GoN a few more times just to try out different player options and endings. One crazy thought that could be interesting in a new game, is a blood donor clinic set up in a town near Ghed'ahre (hope spelling there isn't too far off) - and if your characters go in, they get a percentage of their health drained, with accompanying thanks from the vampires who are running the "clinic." We're having one coming up here, and it made my daughter think of dressing up as Te'ijal and going...
  2. Yep, if you want to see, here's a map with Seattle's current time showing on it, as well as the rest of the globe & zones. http://www.worldtimezone.com/ Happy counting down!
  3. Yay, Rage! I was certainly hoping you wouldn't forget to do a poem for us all before GoN came out - I look forward to seeing it soon! Now to find something to keep my mind off how much time is still left...
  4. A series of ideas here, for a future story beyond the Orb series. I love how the guilds and members from Amaranthia show up on AV3, but how about making them actually useful? That is, a party member or members can join a guild like here - make them pay so much gold AND fight a battle to prove worthiness. :evil: The second part may be even more interesting; have the guilds in their own areas (here on AM) do contests to come up with spells, and whoever wins or has a spell chosen appears as a character in the guild house and is the character to teach the spell to the party member that's joined the guild. You could have as many spells/people as the designers say they've got room to make, and it would be awesome for the guild members, as well as for the people just having fun playing the games.
  5. If you were lucky enough to have short black hair, it would be easy to do Mel's ribbon. If the ribbon wouldn't stick (in your hair, they're pretty slippery usually), you could also glue a good look-alike ribbon bow onto a headband, and it would look the same. edit - the headband with ribbon attached would make a cool thing to put in Amaranthian merchandise...
  6. @aisling - I checked your link, but that didn't apply; I've had no problems otherwise, and this only happened once @shaz - I figured as much, as infrequently as it's likely to happen I doubt it's worth your time to worry about; if it had happened more often to more people maybe, but twice in almost a year is not worth the trouble! Feel free to lock this one up if you like, whoever's moderating; if it does happen to anyone else, they can see it's a one-time thing and not likely to repeat...
  7. Hi there, I did a search or two and didn't find this anywhere, so hopefully I'm the only one that had it happen, but (in Build C) when I bought the priestess ring at the junk dealer's shop, then went to leave the shop, as soon as Talia appeared, Rhen's avatar ran up the screen to the table by the dealer (with her back turned to you) and the game completely locked up. Nothing worked at all no matter what buttons I pressed until I rebooted. Luckily I had saved not too long before and when I did it again, I made sure I approached the door to leave slowly and from the right. I had clicked directly on the door with the mouse when I got the error. It never happened again... (maybe the click crossed paths with Talia's entry somehow?)
  8. Okay, I'm hoping this will be a final answer for this question - I know it's been months since Amanda put out Build C (I've been really busy), but I finally got around to trying to get it from BFG, since that is where I bought it back in '07. I know Amanda made it available to them long ago, but I just tried to get it there this week (July '09) and they still have ONLY the old one. I may be nuts, but after debating with myself over the cost, I finally came over here and bought it again because I like the game so much and wanted to see the new ending and be able to use the mouse - I LOVE the changes, but won't be buying any more of Amanda's games anywhere but here - I feel like I just threw my money away the first time... Thanks, Amanda, for being such a great designer and giving us all such good support on your games!
  9. I'll second your comment there, Shaz - I just bought Aveyond 1 (Rhen's Quest) for the SECOND time here, since the first time I bought a few years back from BFG. I tried redownloading this week to get the Build C with all the cool updates, and it has NEVER been updated there, even though I know Amanda made it available to them long ago. I suspect once they've made their $ once, that's it for a game there. Never again will I buy one of Amanda's games there, since I know she supports and updates hers for years. Lesson learned for me!!
  10. How about the plush militant squirrel that says something like "slap them, general, for being human" (or for not saying "sir" or anything else amusing from the storyline...) Then add a sleepshirt covered with squirrels with glow in the dark eyes... :evil:
  11. This looks like fun - going to download now. I'll do the English one but I'll also enjoy practicing my Spanish if that's here and there in the game - neat!
  12. Oooh, how about a t-shirt with Te'ijal and Galahad? In black or dark red - that would be awesome! Or one of Ean and Iya, with militant squirrels on the back? :evil:
  13. I'm so glad we've finally got a date for GoN. So, Scully, besides being such a memorable date, are you naming her Mel or Stella? Or Te'ijal? (just kidding...) :evil: Actually, Amanda is a beautiful name, isn't it?
  14. Hmmm...any policeman wannabe's? I expect if someone took on the job (at the admins request of course) of checking and marking those that were reported it could cut down on the problem, but that would just set up another potential for abuse, wouldn't it? Sounds like a case of that's just the way it is, and we who care should just do whatever we can to make it better, as we can... That is, no spamming, and let those who are know that it's a no-no if you see it. Now, how about let's get back to having fun around here?
  15. Whew - go away for a few days and I miss a lot! Sorry about that. From what I see here, I agree with most of everything I've seen. One miscommunication and apology for tiniponi - I didn't mean game makers as in Amanda and team in that post earlier, I meant the game makers who were making the fair games and who were complaining that the changes in location for their games (and content restrictions on those areas, not gold count restrictions) made their jobs harder - sorry if I wasn't clear there! Anyway, if the posts are being checked upon guild application to be sure they aren't spam-boosted, it sounds to me like that should take care of most of the problems. Speedy "gold" accumulation should never take precedence over solid participation in the site, and as long as that's taken into account, and everyone knows it, it should help (I hope)!
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