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  1. New set~ I surprised myself, It isn't derpy. XD I just quickly wrapped something up in Sai. So yeah, sorry for bad drawing, i had to use my mouse.
  2. It's The pony version of me. mlp.......yay.......
  3. New set~ Not as good as usual. I should make a pixilated set again soon >_> http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h407/Matria_Parkvig/MatriponyAvvie.png[/img] http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h407/Matria_Parkvig/MatriponySiggie.png[/img] ^ Smug face goes well with matripony. :3
  4. @Slimmy: So nice costume~ @An: Nice~ You has black handbag? @Piepeter: Please don't double post. ^^
  5. Lol, It's not a show, it's a game. But yeah, Rumia eats people. She's a Yokai. But she is so prettyful~
  6. Alrighteys, i'll have it finished by tomorrow. =3
  7. I changed meh set.. To Rumia.. *Istouhoufanlol* http://i849.photobucket.com/albums/ab57/Matriamat/RumiaAvvie.png[/img] http://i849.photobucket.com/albums/ab57/Matriamat/RumiaSiggie.png[/img]
  8. Not very many of the people on AM are mean. People can get upset and angry, but there isn't really a "General mean" Category.
  9. I Was right ^^ I love the heroic Bunneh xD
  10. Quite a thin bear. Needs a lot more honey. :3
  11. I'm pretty sure it's a wolf.... Lol, The rise of the Militant Squirrels! Oh wait, are those bunnies?
  12. Oh LOL that's long ago. No wonder I don't remember seeing it xD
  13. Nice Set Griselmay I really love the red color
  14. Cryzkia


    It isn't made in RMXP? Cool anyways I'll try the newer demo then ^^ Trollfaces? Creppers? NYAN? :D :D
  15. Cryzkia


    Wow, sounds interesting! A MORPG made in RMXP I tried the demo but for some reason it didn't let me open it
  16. Sounds interesting. I'd like to give it a try. Hopefully my "disease" of never finishing stuff won't interfere in this ^^'
  17. @D_A: I guess. But playing as the villain still rocks. Although It WOULD be awesome to have a game about the Daevas. Just since they have absolutely no personality or back-story. Well yeah. Although it would be fun if Gyendal succeeded. I dunno why, I'm just evil like that. :evil:
  18. @ipodbear: Nyah D: Don't do zat, mah faic is awful 3: Oh, you've already posted a picture? I didn't see o-o I just recently came back on AM x3
  19. @D_A: Well Play as The Daevas mostly. Something like a "Rhen Quest: Prelude" Or something. (Although the Daevas capture the druids souls after Daemon enters the picture, which is after Rhen is turned a slave.) There would be a way to change to plotline and totally pwn Rhen and the party when they enter Ahrimans lair, Etc. But I'm well known for never finishing anything I start. Maybe I'd try. But yours sound much more awesome
  20. @Elly: I don't really watch Avatar, but I still love it.
  21. Hello Shigi, and welcome to Amaranthia. ^^ I love your songs ^^ Especially your "Wan't you gone" cover and "Zombies on your Lawn" ^^ I hope you have a nice time on AM. ^^
  22. Nice ^^ I like how it's avatar. I also like how they're out in the rain with umbrellas
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