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    Cryzkia got a reaction from Specter in Baveyond: Rhons Quest, Or something between the lines (Aveyond series Parody) Chapter II   
    Hello, before we start there is a warning:
    WARNING! the following text contains Randomness and Minor Aveyond Spoilers.
    -Baveyond 1, Chapter I: Introducing the Introduction!-
    So, we begin in a small village in the western kingdom named Clearwater.
    Rhen: Wait, how did I end up here at the flower field? I was sleeping! Oh well, i will just look for butterflies.
    Far to the south on an island of winter.
    Talia: Agas, I think it was a bad idea to go on our wedding holiday in this snowy place!
    Talia walks out to the edge of the island.
    Talia: Agas, come here now!
    Agas comes running and bumps into Talia so she falls over the edge.
    Agas: Talia? Where are you? OMG HAX! SHE FELL OVER THE EDGE!
    Talia: Healing Healing Healing Healing Healing-
    Agas: Taliaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Talia: Healing Healing Hea- *Splats out on the ice*
    Agas: Yay, now i'm out of wife!
    Agas runs home to search on dating sites and Talia wakes up and takes out a small chicken from her pocket.
    Talia: Chicken, find the girl and tell her you are a butterfly!
    Chicken: Peep?
    Talia: YOU *Beep*ing *Beep* *Beep*, JUST GET RHEN TO ME!
    Chicken: Moody!
    The chicken flies off to Clearwater.
    Rhen: *Very screeching voice* La La La!
    Rhen: *Kicks Chicken away* Die beast!
    Chicken: Ahem... I'm a butterfly! Touch me!
    Rhen: *Touches Butterfly and gets teleported to Talia*
    Talia: Girl, help me, draw me back to the portal... *Draws breath and pretends to faint*
    Rhen: Ohh No No No! You walk yourself!
    Talia: *sigh* Fiiine, but i wanna go home! waaah!
    Rhen: Shut up weird lady!
    Rhen and Talia teleports back to Clearwater.
    Rhen: Thanks goodness, this was strange, lady weirdo? where are you?
    Talia: *Suicidally runs toward the edge of the mountain and prepares to jump* Freeeeeeedoooom!
    Rhen: OMG! DAAAAD!
    Pa/Tailor/Rhens-Dad: *Swings in a rope and grabs Talia* I save you!
    Chicken: Kyychy!
    Thats all I've wrote yet! Comment Please ^^
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