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  1. wishing you all the best, tiniponi. you've made an incredible and positive contribution to this community. <3
  2. Re AP remake: I don't understand why the battle system gets so much hate, as I enjoyed it immensely. It was more like an actual battle, where you could retreat in the middle of it if you bit off more than you could chew. It made going through old places (and going to new places, too, actually) very quick and less cumbersome than the AV games (for example, if I needed to go back to the home village, I could just run by the bees; if I got too close, the worst that could happen was that they attack me for like 3 HP at most)--no worrying about getting repetitively sucked back into the battle screen. I guess I just got used to getting to the skills. I replay it somewhat frequently just because it's so cute and quick! (Just wanna throw out the minority opinion ) Re more relevant things: Out of genuine curiosity, why is the Amaranthia team spending time on re-releasing an old game when their energies would be better focused on releasing one of the three games that people have been anxiously waiting for a number of years? I understand that things came up and they were working hard on the game and whatnot, I'm just wondering how production got backed up so much and if they're working on it (an update on how it's moving along would be nice!). I'm not abandoning hope or anything, I hope they aren't having too many difficulties. Other than that, I suppose that it'll be nice to have something new from Amaranthia to keep us entertained; I actually just finished replaying AV2 and it was as good as ever! :)It'll be cool to see how they remake it for sure
  3. I figured it out! (i.e. I re-downloaded and it was the second version and it worked, to my surprise.) Re-starting from the beginning is fine, since I wasn't very far in anyways, and especially since there's an extra scene with the snow queen. Thanks a lot, and happy holidays!
  4. In the lazy, self-indulgent spirit of winter break, I'm on a re-playing streak and as I was looking at the maps, I learned that there was a newer version of AV2. XP I was wondering if there was a way to upgrade; Argoyle mentioned that you could install the second version over the first, but I'm not sure how. (The thread: Version 1 vs Version 2) I could re-buy (I think I have a coupon for Big Fish or something), but any wise words of wisdom would be much appreciated!
  5. I have a lot of these--Aveyond is one of my favorite games or I wouldn't be here, anyways--but there's just one part of the game that I think I like most about AV that I don't think anyone else had said: creative maps. By that, I don't mean crazy maps that are either labyrinths or that you can make do things, but I find that I like that when you go into the wild (particularly in the earlier games), it's perfectly made. It doesn't require expert button-pressing to navigate, but it isn't so straightforward that you wonder at the point of walking through, the chests are well-placed (as well as what's within them), with good dispersion/placement of monsters. I don't know. That was me trying to put into words an experience/feeling that's hard to verbalize. I hope I did it justice.
  6. Forgive me if I'm restating something that's been pointed out in an earlier post, because I haven't read all of the pages, just some. I think generally, seeing more, like... how do I explain? Dialogue, interaction, development between relationships helps make good pairings and a deeper story, overall. I understand that it's gotta be hard to keep the balance between having enough time spent on character development for the hard-core Aveyond gamer and not making it boring for the newbie being introduced to the world of Aveyond, but methinks that Aveyond can afford to extend the development. I'm not talking in the way of long professions of troubled pasts and redemption to make two characters lean towards one another, but having it a little spread out throughout it games. E.g. You're just going on, to the next city, fighting monster, leveling up, looting, doin' yo' thang, and you see that the only way to get to the city it through this tight space, so you go. An event is triggered and some monster leaps out and catches female unawares. Male (perhaps one shy to show emotions) jumps out to rescue. This doesn't make the female totally fall for him, it just opens her eyes towards the male a little. Another e.g. Instead of: "We found this, we need to go there." (Group agrees and goes.) Have: "We found this, we need to go there." *some resistance from group member* *resistance solved with compromise, therefore development* *group goes* (The male/female thing was just used as an example, please no homophobia accusations! I come in peace! ) Bottom line(-ish): subtle, slow, development. I think this is a challenge for story-writers everywhere, but Amanda is an amazing story-writer! It's one of my favorite part about these games.
  7. Aw, shucks. XP Thanks for responding to my musings anyways!
  8. ...are they meant to be reminiscent of any location that we were introduced to in a previous Aveyond?
  9. Ramen? Rice noodles? Ramen: http://archives.starbulletin.com/97/06/04/features/story1.html Rice noodles: http://kongkeefood.com/images/product_rice_noodle_large.jpg
  10. Oh, you're right >.< I thought that it was supposed to be Spook that I run into in Tyobi instead of Rat. Thank you for clearing that up!
  11. So whilst re-playing TLO, silly blond me totally skipped over the jail and went straight to Egdar. Can I still recruit Spook or finish the real golden frog sidequest?
  12. I noticed that in the info on the AV1 page, it said W98, XP and Vista, and most of my computers are Windows 7 now :/ So I was wondering if Aveyond would work on them? Thanks
  13. ehh... i don't think someone can just show up and add a whole new sign to the zodiac and change all of the original dates. i don't see much back-up info behind this... =P the new horiscope says i'd be a scorpio, like both my parents, and that doesn't fit me that well, i don't think. that, and i'd rather stay proud and sagittarius =] on the chinese zodiac i'm an ox, the shortest name for an animal ever =P i think that fits me well too. so i'm stickin with the good ol' 12-constillations zodiac =]
  14. Ahh, the silver dagger. Didn't get the dagger. I got everything else, though. THAT's why the rest of that part of the game didn't work out for me. I couldn't defeat any of the monsters and the loot wasn't enough. Anyway, I re-started from my save from right before reaching [d]Cheatou Lenore[/d] the mansion right north of the ferry station. Got the loot from that area and got the silver dagger. Did both E/W Bristle Woods. In the sewers now. (WITH the Thief's Dagger) Thanks, guys.
  15. Wow, no stuff, no money. XP Harsh life. How are you supposed to get the money to pay for them? Or is the dagger the only one needed?
  16. Finish exploring it? No, cuz the little roaches keep on killing me off. I missed the Iron Dagger cuz I was playing the hour trial mode when I first started, and I just hurried by the chests and everything. Is the next part of the game deeper into the sewers? Oh, and also, are you supposed to start with no equipment or gold even when you loaded a game file? Or is that the stuff that Lydia stole?
  17. This is really kinda embarassing, but... So I'm stuck, and I just started to play TLO. I finished talking to the Thief Lord, and the guy that got me there ran away, and now I'm wandering around Peliad. I donated 10 coins and I bought the PO Box, (BTW, post offices are a nice touch) though I'm not sure as to what I should do now. Any hints?
  18. nope. That just makes you funnier. XP Suddenly, I have a strong craving for bacon...
  19. Goldielox


    I wouldn't have known that the winter olympics were occuring if my mom hadn't asked what time they were going to be on in out time zone. lol Yeah, the luger's death was pretty dang sad. I really liked him. I found out from my friend, and she didn't even know who he was. :/ lol I'll probably only have the time to watch figure skating, too, and skiing, since that's my dad's favorite sport. I've been so busy; I don't want to miss the Olympics, though.
  20. High levels of sodium contribute to high blood pressure. x.x Not good. I have low blood pressure,and I try to avoid salt because I want my blood pressure to be low when I'm old. That means I won't as many pills to take cuz I can never take any medicine daily. I forget. x.x ^Lol yep, honey's awesome. It's a sweet and yummy thingie, and it's very, very good for you. I usually drink honey water in the morning cuz it cleans out your system and that's beneficiary to being healthy.
  21. Hmm... if no Eddy x Mel, the Spookers x Mel? *raises eyebrow* lol I like calling Spook Spookers in my head. XP
  22. Wow... that's a lot to think about. At least we'll be cute little piggies! PS: yeah, I think piggies are cute.
  23. Sodium? o.0 this is new to me. KTC: Yep. But they didn't have the small, tiny needles they have in the U.S., and they had to give a big dose, too, so the needle was huge and they had to give it 4 or 5 times. Even then, I felt the stiches being sewed into the skin. X.X I dunno why I have it. I usually don't complain of the pain unless it's really, really, bad. So I don't bring it up with my doctor or anything. Though I have no clue. Maybe because of genetics? It wasn't too many generations ago that the place where I come from had to work thier butts off cuz of crazy goverment or WW 1 and 2. (x.x) Or a good immune system. I really don't know, though. :? Val: Hmm... lemon tea. Black tea + honey + lemon = one of the best and most basic way to get a good 'aaahhhhh'. :3 Astral: Chicken soup + orange juice? Oooh... well, I won't be eating Campbells anytime soon. XP I probably won't incorporate the soup, though the orange juice + honey + water sounds really good.
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