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    Goldielox reacted to moonpeace in Announced makeover of Aveyond 2   
    I held off my Aveyond 2 replay for several months waiting for this, heh, but then I forgot and went ahead and replayed it anyway. Out of pure curiosity, is this still going to happen, or has the whole prospect of a version 3 of Aveyond 2 been scrapped or put on indefinite hiatus?
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    Goldielox reacted to Shakespeare Groupie in Maps for AV4 - important notice   
    We can't wait. Your maps are amazing!
    Rest up. We miss you. 
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    Goldielox reacted to tiniponi in Maps for AV4 - important notice   
    Once I finish recuperating I will work on annotating all the AV4 maps, as I have done for previous games.  I will post them ASAP, so please don't be upset that it will likely take a while.
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