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  1. I ment Lorad/Mistress Rona. At least Lars is a bit more enthusiastic... lol.
  2. LOL - Why are they talking in german/russian though?
  3. Okay, thanks. There I've been in the room with the whirpools, didn't know you can jump in them though - lol. I probably tried and couldn't, but I'll try again now. And aw man... I'm too lazy to level up Garnet. I think I sold her equipment, too <.>
  4. @Ais: Your CW doesn't work for me. I tried opening it with notepad/wordpad/Microsoft Word and all that shows is some kind of symbols. And I mean the ruins in which you can get to with the Lindblum subterran transport. I forgot the name. I kept wandering there for some time and I'm stuck, I'm not sure if there's a way out because I tried all I could.
  5. Okay so, I began playing this game but im stuck and I feel kind of stupid since no one had problems with this. xD I'm in the ruins at Lindblum, and I can't seem to find a way out. I've been there for so long its getting annoying and i dont know what to do Dx
  6. M.C

    DJC - Everlong

    Eh, guys, a bit of help here? I had to re-install everlong and went to the official site but it changed drastically, and I want the game back. Anyone has any links for the download? Any link that is not related to the official site, please.
  7. Thanks Rabbit, I'll try that. EDIT: The weapon's like 1900 gold, and I couldn't go back to the Mainland. And i haven't found more money either. EDIT2: Haha i found another one, sorry. Thanks again. :3
  8. I'm stuck in Bristle Wood Forest, and the sewers. I got to dodge the monsters to end up in Peliad, but from there in the sewers the monsters are too strong and I dun't know what to do. I tried cloud's walkthrough, but when I tried to open the pdf with notepad it wasn't responding anymore. So, someone help pwease? I don't have enough money either, and I don't wanna cheat the first time I play with the goodie caves, or whatever they are D:
  9. Oops, im sorry. I use to do that most of the times. x:
  10. Try beating North wind by getting Iya's Phoenix Sphere, Ean's shapeshifting figurines. I remember that worked for me. Maybe there are many ways that I don't remember. But if im wrong, im sorry.
  11. Books for this game sound like a good idea, or maybe some doujinshi's that can be bought? Comics? I don't know, but for such things Amanda would probably have to pay. Designers, and such stuff. I'd really be happy if there'd be books actually, but I wonder, if there'd be books, what about the games? In my opinion if I would get an Aveyond book I wouldn't play the game anymore... Since for me it's either book or game. The books would be more interesting. But maybe that's just me <.>
  12. The game I waited so long for, finally here but can someone help me though? I dun't know how to get Raven's bad ending =\
  13. M.C

    Post Your Picture!

    What is this, a ghost? <.> No.... its me, Patty ._. Watch and be blinded of my uglehness http://i917.photobucket.com/albums/ad19/Patty235/39627_140620379304344_100000691486040_243471_1466045_n.jpg[/img]
  14. ? I was talking about the same thing that latyss was talking about. Helping a witch from Witchwood, for the softening cream.
  15. b... but-but- I don't wanna hug a sanke. TT^TT
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