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  1. I ment Lorad/Mistress Rona. At least Lars is a bit more enthusiastic... lol.
  2. LOL - Why are they talking in german/russian though?
  3. Okay, thanks. There I've been in the room with the whirpools, didn't know you can jump in them though - lol. I probably tried and couldn't, but I'll try again now. And aw man... I'm too lazy to level up Garnet. I think I sold her equipment, too <.>
  4. @Ais: Your CW doesn't work for me. I tried opening it with notepad/wordpad/Microsoft Word and all that shows is some kind of symbols. And I mean the ruins in which you can get to with the Lindblum subterran transport. I forgot the name. I kept wandering there for some time and I'm stuck, I'm not sure if there's a way out because I tried all I could.
  5. Okay so, I began playing this game but im stuck and I feel kind of stupid since no one had problems with this. xD I'm in the ruins at Lindblum, and I can't seem to find a way out. I've been there for so long its getting annoying and i dont know what to do Dx
  6. M.C

    DJC - Everlong

    Eh, guys, a bit of help here? I had to re-install everlong and went to the official site but it changed drastically, and I want the game back. Anyone has any links for the download? Any link that is not related to the official site, please.
  7. Thanks Rabbit, I'll try that. EDIT: The weapon's like 1900 gold, and I couldn't go back to the Mainland. And i haven't found more money either. EDIT2: Haha i found another one, sorry. Thanks again. :3
  8. I'm stuck in Bristle Wood Forest, and the sewers. I got to dodge the monsters to end up in Peliad, but from there in the sewers the monsters are too strong and I dun't know what to do. I tried cloud's walkthrough, but when I tried to open the pdf with notepad it wasn't responding anymore. So, someone help pwease? I don't have enough money either, and I don't wanna cheat the first time I play with the goodie caves, or whatever they are D:
  9. Oops, im sorry. I use to do that most of the times. x:
  10. Try beating North wind by getting Iya's Phoenix Sphere, Ean's shapeshifting figurines. I remember that worked for me. Maybe there are many ways that I don't remember. But if im wrong, im sorry.
  11. Books for this game sound like a good idea, or maybe some doujinshi's that can be bought? Comics? I don't know, but for such things Amanda would probably have to pay. Designers, and such stuff. I'd really be happy if there'd be books actually, but I wonder, if there'd be books, what about the games? In my opinion if I would get an Aveyond book I wouldn't play the game anymore... Since for me it's either book or game. The books would be more interesting. But maybe that's just me <.>
  12. The game I waited so long for, finally here but can someone help me though? I dun't know how to get Raven's bad ending =\
  13. M.C

    Post Your Picture!

    What is this, a ghost? <.> No.... its me, Patty ._. Watch and be blinded of my uglehness http://i917.photobucket.com/albums/ad19/Patty235/39627_140620379304344_100000691486040_243471_1466045_n.jpg[/img]
  14. ? I was talking about the same thing that latyss was talking about. Helping a witch from Witchwood, for the softening cream.
  15. b... but-but- I don't wanna hug a sanke. TT^TT
  16. Jack? You don't need to open any blue chest, you need to help a witch in Witchwood. EDIT: i'm late. >w>
  17. M.C

    Post Your Picture!

    You're pretty wolphie-chama!~ X33 Maybe I'll put a pic soonish... but one warning: I'm pale like a ghost. D=
  18. M.C

    Post Your Picture!

    @dattie: LOL, these clowns are so phunny. ah, i wish we could do the same at our school... *sighs* @moony: you're so pretty, mom! but it's not nice that you stcik yah tongue at me. TT^TT :3 can i pet the wolf?? pwease~~!!! *puppy random eyes* :o3 @luthie: ahah, so green.
  19. @grisel: maybe, maybe not. it's from a YuGiOh song. XP it's translated in english, too.
  20. ooh, I see. ^^" energizer bunny? I heard of it, lots of commercials here in Romania about those. =/
  21. I use that one too, I think it like, someone's grinning with sunglasses on. 8D
  22. Spook, yes. I like him...but still, it's true, he may be just obsessed with Mel. But anyways, maybe you can get him with Yvette in the game. Okay, since you could get Edward marry with any of the girls [xept his mum XD], I don't see why that wouldn't be avaiable for Spook...I mean, you could marry him with Mel [that's if she hasn't married Edward], June, or Yvette. You'll probably kill me for saying this: but Yvette kinda reminds me of Lydia. Though, she seems kind. ... Doesn't matter. This thread is for Spook. But since he's in Moony's harem, he'll just have to marry her. :3 btw, calling Mel a kid reminds me of...Oswald. XDD mom, don't kill me for this!
  23. Aww, he's so cute. :3 Unfortunately, I have no dog because mom and dad think I couldn't take care of one. :F
  24. @luthie: ah, gotta watch that. XD @dattie: *snicker* nor i do. :evil:
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