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  1. ElderAvey

    Script Hanging?

    Hi so I recently got aveyond 1 on my computer, it was working yesterday when we played it but today we tried opening it and there is only a black screen with a script hanging error message. We have tried all the solutions in the forums and they havent worked. We were thinking we should just move it to a different computer of ours, how would we do that?
  2. ElderAvey

    Post your reviews here!

    So I have been waiting for this game for many years now, and maybe my long anticipation made me a little skeptical and judgmental though after I got into the characters I quite enjoyed it. Characters: 9/10 I thought Boyle, Ingrid, Robin, and Myst could be really fun and amusing. The others were a little boring but that was understandable because they all came in so late in the game and they lacked character development. Honestly, I was most excited about Galahad and Te'ijal coming into the game and was disappointed when they didn't have a bigger role. Also I really love the squirrels it made me feel so nostalgic. Art: 7/10 At first I really did not like character art at all. Buuuutttt then it grew on me, mostly I was disturbed by their eyes for some reason. I really liked that they had various expressions though. Music: 9/10 I liked the music there wasn't anything in-particular that stood out to me. Plot: 9/10 The plot was pretty good, I especially liked the part of getting Fang back. What can I say I have a weakness for pets. I did feel like the majority of the game time was spent on side quests. Also I wasn't really crazy about the attraction point options, because they were only for Ingrid. There were some really funny moments that kept the game going. Graphics: 5/10 This is what I had my biggest issues with. Though the graphics have improved sooo much I found that all the maps/tilesets were really boring. They all looked very similar and really natural, which hasn't been the case in the other aveyond games. Where are my purple grasses and blue trees? I had always been so excited to see each new location in all the aveyond games and honestly the maps in this game left me a little sad and disappointed. Also the maps themselves are a pain in the butt to navigate and I'm sure a lot of the game time was spent walking and getting lost. Overall enjoyment: 8/10 Though the game wasn't what I was expecting after all these years I still really liked it. I would recommend playing it and it is well worth the money even though its not my favorite aveyond game.
  3. ElderAvey

    Night quests?

    Wow its been a long time since I've been back here! So currently I am stuck on the night quest. I am 43% to militant squirrel status and I have scoured all the locations for the feathers and night bugs several times and yet I cant find any more. What am I missing? is there something I should be doing before I get to militant squirrel status and can go into busybeak?
  4. ElderAvey

    Script Error

    So I was going to use Ccoa's UMS script that was suggested in a different topic. I put the script above the "main" script and all that but when I opened my preview game thing it gives me this error: http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/2584/problemzyr.jpg[/img] any ideas on how to fix it?
  5. ElderAvey

    Lars's Diary (updated 24 June 2011)

    =o I was very shocked and happy to see you wrote more!!! >.< I kinda forgot what was happening before this... but it was good!
  6. ElderAvey

    walking on walls and not walking on tile?

    Thankies! its now fixed ^^
  7. Ok so in one room I can walk on the walls, and walk into the black aways in some spots... then in this other place there is just 1 tile that I cant walk over but there isnt anything there. Also the room I can walk on walls in is in a map with lots of other rooms but they dont have that problem... help?
  8. ElderAvey

    Kingdom Amaranthia (slowly coming along)

    here ish a nice little video that I made cause I had too much time on my hand =/ not really a spoiler its just some random talking to people in sparrowwhich high... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI2y_fucZ98
  9. ElderAvey

    Kingdom Amaranthia (slowly coming along)

    Update: I'm back up to working on the game... =D I didnt even remember that I was going to put it into parts 0.0 maybe I wont after all... hum... anyways I dont know when the interviews will be cause my interview person hasnt contacted me in a long while =/ but! I am working on it! oh ^^ the is a fun little screenie update on the front page.
  10. ElderAvey

    Exactly the Same (ficlet, M/E, post TLO)

    so there is going to be more right? =o this is just soo cute!
  11. ElderAvey

    Some missing scenes in TDP

    ehhehheh yes, stella has now become annoying. I loved the last part blurble-san, poor eddie.
  12. ElderAvey

    Post Your Picture (remake)

    http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/5836/snapshotofme32g.png [/img] Hummm this was a little while back
  13. ElderAvey

    Verite -- Danse Macabre RP

    Ari flew in the already open door of the tavern, jumping of her broom and landing like a cat. she walked over to the counter and stared at the bar tender cat. "ok mister make lots of ice cream, and fast."
  14. ElderAvey

    Verite -- Danse Macabre RP

    Ari skipped towards the tavern, singing about a black cat on halloween on the way. "Nya!" she shouted and jumped into the air, landing on her broom.