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  1. Hi so I recently got aveyond 1 on my computer, it was working yesterday when we played it but today we tried opening it and there is only a black screen with a script hanging error message. We have tried all the solutions in the forums and they havent worked. We were thinking we should just move it to a different computer of ours, how would we do that?
  2. So I have been waiting for this game for many years now, and maybe my long anticipation made me a little skeptical and judgmental though after I got into the characters I quite enjoyed it. Characters: 9/10 I thought Boyle, Ingrid, Robin, and Myst could be really fun and amusing. The others were a little boring but that was understandable because they all came in so late in the game and they lacked character development. Honestly, I was most excited about Galahad and Te'ijal coming into the game and was disappointed when they didn't have a bigger role. Also I really love the squirrels it made me feel so nostalgic. Art: 7/10 At first I really did not like character art at all. Buuuutttt then it grew on me, mostly I was disturbed by their eyes for some reason. I really liked that they had various expressions though. Music: 9/10 I liked the music there wasn't anything in-particular that stood out to me. Plot: 9/10 The plot was pretty good, I especially liked the part of getting Fang back. What can I say I have a weakness for pets. I did feel like the majority of the game time was spent on side quests. Also I wasn't really crazy about the attraction point options, because they were only for Ingrid. There were some really funny moments that kept the game going. Graphics: 5/10 This is what I had my biggest issues with. Though the graphics have improved sooo much I found that all the maps/tilesets were really boring. They all looked very similar and really natural, which hasn't been the case in the other aveyond games. Where are my purple grasses and blue trees? I had always been so excited to see each new location in all the aveyond games and honestly the maps in this game left me a little sad and disappointed. Also the maps themselves are a pain in the butt to navigate and I'm sure a lot of the game time was spent walking and getting lost. Overall enjoyment: 8/10 Though the game wasn't what I was expecting after all these years I still really liked it. I would recommend playing it and it is well worth the money even though its not my favorite aveyond game.
  3. Wow its been a long time since I've been back here! So currently I am stuck on the night quest. I am 43% to militant squirrel status and I have scoured all the locations for the feathers and night bugs several times and yet I cant find any more. What am I missing? is there something I should be doing before I get to militant squirrel status and can go into busybeak?
  4. =o I was very shocked and happy to see you wrote more!!! >.< I kinda forgot what was happening before this... but it was good!
  5. here ish a nice little video that I made cause I had too much time on my hand =/ not really a spoiler its just some random talking to people in sparrowwhich high... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI2y_fucZ98
  6. Update: I'm back up to working on the game... =D I didnt even remember that I was going to put it into parts 0.0 maybe I wont after all... hum... anyways I dont know when the interviews will be cause my interview person hasnt contacted me in a long while =/ but! I am working on it! oh ^^ the is a fun little screenie update on the front page.
  7. so there is going to be more right? =o this is just soo cute!
  8. ehhehheh yes, stella has now become annoying. I loved the last part blurble-san, poor eddie.
  9. http://img200.imageshack.us/img200/5836/snapshotofme32g.png [/img] Hummm this was a little while back
  10. Ari flew in the already open door of the tavern, jumping of her broom and landing like a cat. she walked over to the counter and stared at the bar tender cat. "ok mister make lots of ice cream, and fast."
  11. Ari skipped towards the tavern, singing about a black cat on halloween on the way. "Nya!" she shouted and jumped into the air, landing on her broom.
  12. Ari looked shocked. "Hey! how could anyone not want ice cream!?" she asked in disbelief. "Besides, I turned the owner into a cat so now it will make me what ever I want." She looked back up at Elly, "Right?"
  13. Ari giggled and petted a gray cat on her hat, "yep! I'll get you any kind you want." she said and gave a big warm smile to the shy girl.
  14. Ari looked up at Alexis, "what, you want ice cream too? Fine." she held her hand to her mouth and shouted, "Hey guys! I'm treating you all to ice cream!"
  15. Ari looked up at Elly, "Oh. Well I didn't expect you to pay for it, I am rather rich so I really dont mind paying for other people." She gave a big smile and started talking about all the yummy ice cream there was to eat.
  16. Ari nervously peeked out of her cape, her cats doing the same. She sighed in relief. "Well then Marzipan, should we be gettin back?" she asked the black cat on her shoulder. Ari looked around for Elly, spotting her she waved and ran over to her, grabbing onto her arm and humming happily.
  17. Ari screached as her broom was burnt up. She quickly snatched her cats off the ground and tucked herself into her cape, which was fire proof. She put her wand out just enough to cast a fireproofing spell on some of the people around. "Nya! my poor kitties! are you all alright?"
  18. =0 I dressed up as Lars that once... it was a few years ago... http://img816.imageshack.us/img816/6417/jmhbvmkhyfv.png[/img]
  19. Ari sighed, "I guess that I will be treating that guy to ice cream. But I WANT SOME!" she cried in fustration, flying on her broom right beside elly. "It was kinda fun though... I haven't talked to people in like five years so this was rather exciting." she gave a little laugh and patted Marzipan on the head.
  20. I agree with ryo, its not easy with a laptop. Also, I use the keyboard. On my computer and on my laptop, its faster.
  21. Ari looked around her quickly. "I say we hide it before that guy comes back!" she gave a very evil giggle and looked up at shade, giving her kitty eyes (even cuter than puppy eyes) "please?"
  22. oh how sweet! though my eyes kinda hurt from the big paragraphs... But not to worry! I still thought it was cute and sweet! Other than making them a little smaller or dubble space them or something, I cant think of anything that should be changed.
  23. Ari saw someone down below shouting and flew down to investigate. They were looking at a strange box. "Oi! you! whatcha lookin at?" ari asked, she stood on her tip toes to get a good view of the box. "It looks like it needs a key."
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