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  1. I didn't really need a guide (solved it on my own) but i agree with the "tedious and annoying" statement.
  2. The bears were annoying! All that fighting for worthless drops.
  3. @ValkyrietSecondly, and I don't mean to sound defensive when saying this, but I've seen a lot of people complaining about how long they had to wait for the game and I really don't understand the big deal about this. AV4 is just another side-quest in our life, albeit a very enjoyable one. I know it's a common occurrence that when some video game companies fail to release a new game every once in a while, they lose fans. Understandable. But really, making this an issue doesn't really seem like a very mature thing to do. Also, I don't think the game has been in development for five years. And I realize the game still has a few bugs that need addressing, but I was surprised to see some statements such as "Can we even trust amaranthgames anymore if they cannot meet the release dates they publicized?". Personally, I feel there has been a lot of pressure from some fans this time around. For argument's sake, try making a game yourself and see how closely you can estimate the release date. I did understand why Pixel Pygmies was not released. Ever since "The Dragons Among Us" (which refund i still yet to get) debacle i have adapted a "wait and see" attitude. It may not have been an Amaranth game but it was advertised on this site. So, i can fully empathize with those people stating the bolded part. My only gripe with this game is the tediousness of some side quests. All the back and forth getting items really gets old fast!
  4. I bought this very late in the game so i can find the rest of the goodie caves i missed. I went through the entire guide this morning and see if i missed anything else and i am a little bit disappointed, as well. It's not as comprehensive as i thought it would be. Hope Amanda and team will update in the future.
  5. Very glad that the classic aveyond humour (which made me love the first game so much!) is back with this one. Doing my second run through.
  6. Have you triggered the quest to talk to one of Ingrid's sisters, yet?
  7. Where can i find it? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA!
  8. Definitely! I found one by accident. Now trying to see if i can find more by accident. lol I'm holding off geting the strategy guide since i like to do/find things on my own my first run through with a game.
  9. Would love to beta test. Sign me up, please!
  10. Can we have the game already, pretty please? hee!
  11. aislingyngaio, Now they know! They should give Amaranth a free upgrade, then. Hee!
  12. It should have been anticipated beforehand that there will be a deluge of people trying to download the game when it is released. This problem wouldn't have existed. Aveyond has quite a following. I was able to download the game from the link a member gave but the game is quite slow/lags. It's giving a me headache. I may try and redownload from the site later on. From the 15 minutes i played, i have to say i quite like the feel of the game. I can't wait to play Chapter 1 on its entirety when all is fixed!
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