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  1. Pakistan represent. :-) Though I did move to Malaysia for a year or two, but then again... oh, well.
  2. (New site new me *is shot*) Hi everyone! My name is Sahina and there is a very high chance that whatever depth that I may exhibit on this page (and anywhere else) is a blatant lie by the government so that you all can be fooled into complacence while I launch my masterplan of letting lasagna take over the world or something. I like to think that I consist of one part anger at the systematic injustices present throughout the world, one part morbidity and strangely immature humour, one part confusion over basically all I encompass, and one part an amalgamation of crying lettuce, trail mix with full sized Kit Kats, fandom garbage, and memes. I’m incredibly charming, as you can see. My hobbies include crying over fictional characters, writing, reading, doodling, and, I don't know, maybe being critical. I am horribly socially awkward and cannot hold a conversation without any form of memeing in it to save my life. I’m self-deprecating, toxic, in need of approval, and at the same time, self-confident, probably not as toxic as I could be, and in need of no approval whatsoever because I am obviously an angel fallen from heaven. (I’m a little sore from the impact, thank you for asking.) I don’t know when to stop being sarcastic, and my aim in life is to live a life tucked away in the corner of the Himalayas with fast-speed Internet, five cats, and eyebrows that incite envy in the most glamorous of fashion models. I’d also like Netflix, actually. And good food. And good clothes. And good video games… Speaking of video games, I found Aveyond by... not finding it. My aunt found it for me when I was still a wee lass of six. I got stuck on fighting Rhen's sword singer teacher (I don't recall his name anymore snrk) and then ended up shelving the game until I was like 8. After realizing that the game had full untapped potential and that I was being utterly, completely unresourceful, I played it again (and used a Lightning scroll to K.O. the dude in one hit and THEN actually began playing the game hahahahaha). I finished it in a couple of weeks flat! And, well, then began my obsession with RPG games, especially XP and VX ones. Yay. There’s actually unsurprisingly nothing that’s more interesting about me, I think. Other than the fact that I’m viciously sj sometimes, but well, moving on. I'm very glad to be here again. I think I haven't been on here in like a couple of years; I hope that sort of hiatus doesn't launch itself again! It's a pleasure to meet everyone, old and new members alike. Have a great day, people!
  3. I am back! I don't know how else to say this, really. I've been away for like, three years or something (?), maybe four, and now, coming back, I feel like deja vu is waiting to jump on me whenever I even refresh a page. Wow. But yes, hi! I bring you, uh, art development. Tons of art development. It's a good thing I improved over the years, but I do have a long way to go. Still, celebrating (AHAHAHA) my arrival (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH) with a Homestuck OC doodle seems legit. Legit as heckie.
  4. The magic of overlay. Looking back, your art has really improved, Meroko! (I like the second one. The blue seems much brighter, I'm thinking of sunlit meadows and birds singing already.)
  5. Ohmygoodnessthisissuchasurprise. I haven't been very active on Amaranthia for an incredibly long amount of time - it's been years, I think! I doubt anyone remembers me I was thinking of revisiting little 6-year-old me's favourite games and decided to cruise through this place for old time's sake, and the new design totally shocked me. Pleasantly, of course. I'm very happy to see this! The new site looks great! Very official, and the like. I do have to say that I'm a little disappointed about the guilds not being included here, and I really would like to see those again, haha. I'm glad to see things picking up around this place again. I'll be waiting for that shop feature, yes yes ty ty. Man, is there a way to delete annoying preteen you's posts no ok then
  6. Thanks, everyone. Well, here's my signature digital MS Paint stuff. Done without bases, completely with a laptop mouse, characters used ('Me' and Purrpetal) belong to me and the MMORPG Terra Monsters, respectively. I'm kind of proud I managed to do such detail with a simple program The stock isn't mine, just the foreground is. http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/273/6/d/smile___terra_monsters_by_purecallisto-d5gbgjs.jpg[/img]
  7. @MaskedHood: I don't really decide the second group's gender, so I kind of made them ambiguous until I decide on a gender. Until then, I'll assume they (Sun, Moon, Thunder, and Time) are male. Of course, I'll take every opinion into consideration with the final designs. For Sun, I was hoping for a feminine, slightly Legolas-ish look. I think I succeeded in making people think [he's] a girl, given his face is ridiculously delicate and soft for a man. Time is slightly hard to design, which is why I gave him as many allusions to his 'element' as possible. In my headcanon, the pocket-watch counts down to his reincarnations (trust me. You do not want to read a wall of text concerning that). @EsmeAmelia: Torsos are hard to do. I've never really had any practice with men - Time's only about the fourth male figure I ever did, and he's me first time shirtless. Figuring as I was high on coffee and had only four hours of sleep under my belt, I think that added to the whole whack of his body. I am not satisfied with Time at all, but thank you for telling me that! I'll try by best to do better!
  8. You're not a wet blanket :3 you're just honest. They're not exactly story characters but I just wanted for them to have some background info. Don't worry, Time is definitely not a Gary-Stu xD His burden is making sure time runs smoothly, that's all. That means he has to watch over a bajillion hourglasses and clocks and water-clocks all the time. :/ A whole lot more than the rest of them do. They just lounge around doing magic tricks. xD Folds kind of came easily to me. Draw a bunch of squiggly lines, extend/join them, viola. Folds. Thank you! I'm working on proportion too :T I think the arms are ridiculously long and do not even start me on the hands. And the torso. The hips and legs I think turned out okay, but the upper body bothers me. :c Thanks so much for the 'review'
  9. @d_a: Yeah, I wanted him to be like the most flawed, the most crazily-wounded-so-he-shouldn't-even-be-able-to-survive but he did. He's been decapitated, his limbs have been cut off...but, being the eldest and being the one with the most 'burden', he's still alive. (*shrug*)
  10. @EsmeAmelia: Thank you! Yes, they do seem rather...adventurer-ish. @MaskedHood: Thanks! That's rather high praise >///< Thanks a lot! @Ruffi: Oh, fffff- I didn't notice that! Let's just pretend it's a squiggly line and not her thumb and her thumb actually goes behind that fan. (*bonks herself*) Thank you anyway! -------------- Moon, Sun, and Time! http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/263/3/7/_little_moon_rabbit__by_purecallisto-d5fb5gv.jpg[/img] http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/262/c/f/_fiery_globe__by_purecallisto-d5fb592.jpg[/img] http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/262/c/6/_sands_are_falling__by_purecallisto-d5fb54r.jpg[/img]
  11. Because Diamondmist is ridiculously poor and does not have a scanner. ;_; So, uh, like the titles says, these are mostly just doodles and some random odd drawings done completely by cheap, crappy pencil colors and a cheap, crappy pen. (*is poor*) The pictures are unfortunately taken by cell phone camera. ^_^"
  12. Two words: Eternal Eden. I absolutely adored the fighting style in EE - and for those who haven't played, I'll shorten the explanation: Basically, monsters don't respawn in each room, but not only do you get the 'Hall of Treasures' unlocked when you defeat ALL the monsters in a dungeon, the fighting also gets you well and prepared for the bosses so you don't have to do any level grinding at all, which is more than just tedious. The Hall of Treasures gives you a very nice motivation boost too.
  13. Arachnophobia: Although I doubt that it really counts, I still tense up when I see a spider or, generally, arachnids. I just don't like seeing them - something about the hairy bodies and the morbid scuttling just rubs me the wrong way. I automatically jerk away in disgust. Thalassophobia: I'm afraid of being in the ocean, or the sea. I'm fine when staying close to the coast, but I can't handle going too far ahead. I'm fine in pools or lakes, but I just can't go out in the ocean. Nyctophobia: One of the many names of the fear of the dark. It's not so much as I actually fear the dark, more than I'm afraid what's in it. I'm not even sure if it counts, either - I'm only scared when it's half light (as in just enough to distort everything I see). I start hallucinating eyes watching me or ominous noises or figures in the dark.
  14. Could you live today without electricity, knowing you have to use lamps, or having the electricity being cut from a certain hour? Definitely. I come from a country which didn't have huge supplies of electricity like other countries. There wasn't any electricity for more than ten hours per day. So yes, definitely. Could you survive one year without the Internet, or it is much less than a year? Maybe if you asked me five years ago, I would have. Now? Not a chance. I can't live without the Internet for more than three weeks. What importance does the technology have in your job? Google is such a lifesaver when doing History assignments. Otherwise, I don't really need Internet - I have my own intelligence. How much did technology simplify your work? Homework, you mean? I'd say quite a lot. Again, History books are so boring and Wikipedia is just amazing. Do you enjoy the newer technologies appearing every day? Of course. I'm not big on cell phones and stuff, but things I'd actually use are welcome. Newer technologies mean improvement and thankfully, I have the money and resources to buy the stuff I really need. Do you feel nostalgic about that old, Slowpoke computer, on which you played Dina or Ahriman's Prophecy, or Tom and Jerry, or whatever? Yep. I remember the time when I was six years old, easily playing through Aveyond and then AP. I used all electricity hours on the computer. Which are your favorite contexts in which you would like to use technology in? (as in school, with family, playing, communicating, etc.) I think I enjoy school technologies. I mean, the faster the tech the easier the workload.
  15. I think I'm slowly melting. Melting into a puddle on the floor. <3 @Ruffi: Your dog is adorable! The way he sleeps is just so endearing and his big, soulful eyes are killing me. I actually squee'd when I saw him. @d_a: Aw, she's so cute - sorry to hear about the mom, too
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