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  1. Well, fighting with words...
  2. Yes, I have NOT acquired her permission, as she will not answer me...
  3. You guys seem to like to fight a lot without me even here. If I was to do a prequil to AP, it would be short (like 5 hours or so) and would be more of a story, for instansance, how talia's parent's died.
  4. I know... I seem to start a bunch of projects and never finish them...
  5. I have an idea for another game... a prequil to AP.
  6. Thanks. I'm having them be turned into RMXP sprites... unforchanatly, the little Talia looks as big as your grandmother, and the big Talia is no bigger...
  7. @hikari_rekka Yes, that is why I have to completely remake them... If anyone is good at spriting or knows anyone who is good at spriting, tell me, or just make one and PM me it...
  8. "I don't think he's attempting to sell it. He's just doing it as an AP fan." Yes. I would make it free for everyone, especailly those huge AP fans that would like to see better graphics...
  9. I doubt it made it stop booting, if it is a virus. Viruses like to act like it's not even there, collecting info. If it stopped letting your computer boot, it would not be able to access your info.
  10. I am thinking about making a Ahriman's Prophecy remake. I would make it with the new RMXP version, either XP or VX. It would have improved graphics, and possibly more.... tell me what you think? Also, any rules on why I can't do this? If I was to complete it, I would publish it here! EDIT: FAQ: Q: Do I have Amanda's Permission? A: No, as of right now, I do not. I am waiting for her reply, but I will not be going very far with this for now Q: Will it be free? A: Yes, But I may be in the market for a non-free version later, and Amanda will take a good amount (25-50%?) of the profits. Q: What tool are you using? Which is the tool that she used? She used RPG Maker 2003. I am using its predicessor, RPG Maker XP. Q: Do I need help? A: Yes, Here is a list: - Sprites (All of them) - Scripts (The big one will be the one that makes it so that I can have the same battle system) - Tilesets (The tilesets that I am using for now will work for now, but some of the more unique maps will need new tilesets; Also, the items seem to be small compared to the original.) Give me a note if you would like to help in one of these fields. Here are some screen shots: The Map http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z295/nptg316/TaliasHousemap.jpg In Game http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z295/nptg316/TaliasHouseingame.jpg The character is very bugged and needs to be fixed... By the way, this is Talia's house Here is a screenshot of the original: http://s188.photobucket.com/albums/z295/nptg316/?action=view&current=taliahouseoriginal.jpg
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