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  1. @daeva_agas: Don't remind me. I have a handful of promised fics (two for a friend, one for July and -- thank the muses, I guess -- I got an idea for the August entry) going on and...you know at this rate, Christmas will come and go and I still haven't finished a single fic. XP
  2. Firstly...have I posted in here?? I can't remember...XD Eh, some have gone to shorten my handle to 'smirks', which I'm perfectly fine with. Anything else...I dunno, do people have other nicknames to call me with, other than 'Die-hard Larshen Fan'? XD
  3. This looks wicked and interesting. Count me as one of this game's stalkers. And twenty endings? Replay value plus points! (And I'll probably break Gyendal's heart on my first try. Because I always pick the stupidest endings first, whether I like it or not) XD
  4. Now the August challenge has rolled in, and its theme feels more appropriate for the story. I cannot deciiiiide D:
  5. AAAGGGHHHH AU MY WEAKNESS My (supposed) July entry runs on gallons of AU fuel. Now I cannot decide whether I'll enter it for July or August...XP Four pages long, and still getting longer...D:
  6. @daeva_agas: Ah, thanks. XD Still writing. Four pages, more or less, and it's still not halfway done. I feel like I'm punishing myself for some unknown sin. XD
  7. Holy sheep, Batman! I actually found this story/thread again! 8D I'm sorry for those who waited for the next chapter -- I actually stopped writing at that point. More exactly, a massive writer's block set in. Moreover, I changed laptops and I'm not sure whether I still had my old drafts/notes/whatever. I might take this up again though! I mean...I actually reached, what, five chapters. Record for me, hooray. 8D Just let me get back into gear though. Let's see what happens next. 8D
  8. @daeva_agas: I know the feeling. XD Stories start out wanting to be small...then they just...grow. Large. 8P Like some massive tentacled monster that you have to prune a few arms off later. XD By the way, does it have to be a one-shot?
  9. Cool! XD I'm writing it. I planned for it to be finished in one sitting but, once more, the story grew into a monster that needs a little trimming later on. XD Expect something in a few days. 8D
  10. Wait, wait....is this closed/over already? No? I know I'm a little late for this, but I'm throwing in a story. 8DDD After all, 'mix up' parties are allowed... *goes off to write* PS. [d]This idea's pretty great. I have the need to write nowadays but I just don't know what...so there. 8D[/d]
  11. I'm into this. 8D I'm a bit of a history buff. 8D
  12. Google-fu is always a useful skill. 8D Eh, I suppose the guy will get the slammer or the bedlam. Then again, I feel that a person like that should be far, far away from civilization.
  13. I dunno what will be the verdict on this kid...but I'm wondering whether he has a chance to be reintegrated into society (assuming, of course, that he avoids the worst lot the law can throw at him). I'm no psychiatrist, so if he's really a sociopath, can his mentality be, I dunno, reversed? Changed?
  14. I think I used to eat gruel when I'm sick. XD That was when I was younger though. Nowadays whenever I feel the colds I just pop in the medicine and sleep it away.
  15. Whoa. Highly disturbing. What is he, a sociopath? To be so casual about killing another...I think he doesn't realize the gravity of his actions. He has grown detached from his conscience.
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