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  1. I seem to be stuck at this quest that the mayor gave me. I must investigate the Kobolds, but I'm afraid I cleared out the area of the Kobolds multiple times. Anyone know if I could have missed something blatantly obvious? Must admit, I'm thrown for a loop on this one.
  2. Mongoose

    Investigating Kobolds

    Yep! Thanks! As stupid as this sounds, I thought that square piece of ground was part of the landscape, did not even give it a second look. Over looked that big time, thank you for the help, much appreciated!!!
  3. Mongoose

    Investigating Kobolds

    Done that. Found chests with nothing helpful in them it seems. Think I may be missing something obvious, but for the life of me i can't see it.
  4. Mongoose

    Leaving eastern Isles

    I don't think its your beta-build because when I got to play as stella the bugs didn't block my way, either. When I was Mel they did though.
  5. Mongoose

    Edwards skills

    Yeah it worked that time, re-equipping it works like a charm, thanks for the help.
  6. Mongoose

    stuck in Demon Plains

    Oh oops, I mis-read what she was looking for, I'm sorry about that. :oops:
  7. Mongoose

    Extention to Ashera's Tomb

    The rest of the Tomb is on the eastern side of Underfall. Its in the exact same place as it was in TLO if you played that.
  8. Mongoose

    stuck in Demon Plains

    No your fine, you just need to go to the nearby town and do some side quests which will open up some more areas of the demon caves for you.
  9. Mongoose

    Edwards skills

    When I try to use it again, it just says the station has already been used.
  10. Mongoose

    Edwards skills

    For me it didn't show up in either, it said the sword has been upgraded but said nothing about the skills.
  11. Mongoose

    Edwards skills

    The samething happened to me when I uesed the goodie cave the second time around. I ended up not using the Shard goodie because I wanted to use the skills.
  12. Mongoose

    Is Sarah in the well?

    Nope, she's in one of the houses in Thornkeep, the house in the southwestern corner, I believe.
  13. The cupcake is in Velderah, you have to attend the little girl's party to get it.
  14. Mongoose

    aveyond darkthrop porophecy ending

    Unfortunately the comb isn't in Thais. It is in Mysten Far, I believe.
  15. Mongoose

    Getting Dragon to Mysten Far

    Mysten Far is on the island between the Western Isle and the Eastern Isle, are you sure you're flyng to the right spot?
  16. Mongoose

    Blue Treasure Chests etc

    You get the key from helping the prince in Velderah.
  17. Mongoose

    Getting back to Ghe'dahre?

    To get the scary mask you need to go to Ghe'dahre, which you can get to if you go to Underfall and as soon as you enter the town take a quick right and there should be the Reaper Station next to the Magic Mirror Startion. The reaper will take you to Ghe'dahre for 500 gold coins.
  18. Across the whole game there are certain objects that you collect and can give to Mel at the end as gifts to make her more attracted to Edward. This thread might help; http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=15543&forum=88
  19. Mongoose

    Opposite of war

    Wouldn't the opposite of Creation be Destruction?
  20. Mongoose

    Sword Stations at Stella's Trials

    What I did is I went back to my save file right before I went into the trials and took Edwards sword from him. Then when I went into the trails I used the sword without Edward actually being there.
  21. Mongoose

    Te'ijal's Bows

    That makes sense, thanks!
  22. I was training at Mt Orion in order to save up enough money to get the Spindle bow right outside Orion. However when I got it, it did a lot less damage than the one I previously had and the Spindle bow has +25 more attack power than the bow I had. Is the difference of the damage because of the type of monster I'm attacking or is it just not worth it to get the bow?
  23. Mongoose

    Demon Realm

    Maybe I am overlooking something but I can't find that town, I have been all over the demon plains and can't find it, is there anything that I am failing to see? Edit: Nevermind, found it, didn't see a certain bridge
  24. Mongoose

    Lost In Marauder's Caves

    Whew, haha I was sort of afraid I would I have to load a save file and go back to it, cause I didn't wanna miss anything, thanks!
  25. Mongoose

    Demon Realm

    I've just gotten the first wyrm fire and I followed the guy in the black cloak but that just lead me to a dead end, and I been walking around in circles for a while, am i missing something?