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  1. yoo hoo! I've finished all 4 endings! Pretty tough, and spider den are very useful! I want to see the 4 continues ) but I will play properly with only the Mel's ending :x I really like her )
  2. @MC: ) got it ) it's a spoiler ) I didn't pay attention ) It's 2 am here and I am very tired so I didn't read it well )
  3. @sweet: of course, since Orbs of Magic is her story @Mayflower: erm, don't understand very well what are you saying....but I will try. Haha, things sure are funny! poor Ulf!
  4. Hmph, I think I understand now. So maybe Stella will retire and come back in a chapter or two, right? Well, better than she dies.
  5. I think so too....That's why I'm asking Amanda to do something =_= or else it will be so tough for me! Anyway what is your idea? I don't think you want her to die =_= @kirroha: what do you mean? sorry newbie here, I don't know anything
  6. Hm, thanks for your reply, but what I'm trying to say is I already known that she will die if he doesn't propose, but I don't want that to happen, so I'm asking if Amanda can fix this at the next chapter, like do something that can revive her afterward...or create some new character. I'm not used to heal party with items, so that's why I don't like it. Actually I like Stella pretty much too, but she is a little noob...or something else like that.
  7. I have this question.... In the walkthrough, you say that if Edward propose to Stella, she will give him an item that will ensure a happy ending. But if he didn't propose, what will happen? In the end of the game Stella has died. If so, are you saying that we won't have a healer from now on? If not, in the next chapter, will she revive? I REALLY, REALLY need her in the party! I have had a tough time fighting without her! So, if possible, could you please do something in the next chapter to help Stella revive? I like this game so much, I've started over 2 times and I don't want to start it again! Stella did her best, and I don't want her to disappear like that, how sadly....Or, why don't you create a character with the healing power like her? I think that there are many people who doesn't like it this way too...
  8. I've liked Aveyond since I first played it! I even made a mobile theme of Aveyond myself ) (although it's not very good) I really love Amanda and other Aveyond staff. Make more game, will ya? Good luck on making! I will buy it immediately!
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