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  1. Also, in my opinion, you'll end up with a better feeling when you know that it's THIS game you've been nurturing for so long xD So basically, I would easily play through all the games should I lose my savefile, only to import it xD
  2. The tactic that worked best for me was that I had June charm/berserk (Can't remember which) and the others attacking.. o.O Worked great for me..
  3. Yea, it is an advantage, but I think calling it "unfair" is a little wrong, imo... It all depends on what you did in the last chapter(s), if u continue you get MME, which you've earned, pets, whom you've also earned and lvl's, whom again you've already earned... Advantage; sure, playing not fair; not so sure...
  4. So, you mean if I choose to play on a save file from GoN with Mel, say, lvl 40, that wouldnt be playing fair?
  5. That's happened to me on several occasions, just not this one... And I had no problem using keyboard.. My only problem was that I was out of restoratives and nearly dead... Scared to death of some small stones... :S
  6. Theyre for sale at different shops, but I havent used any for a while, so i only remember buying in Stormbend and Witchwood, but think u can find somwhere else... As a last resort you can have Mel die, and when you use cassia leaf, the curse is gone...
  7. After the boss (near what you've been looking for), you watch the ending, and maybe play over again... Not much to do then...
  8. That depends.. How far you've gotten in the quest, and if you want the golden frog... Though in FAQ it is listed what to do...
  9. Try finding Edgar, and maybe he gives you a hint
  10. Ohhhh OK, but didnt Lloyd have it? That's the reason he switched place with Rat?
  11. Talk to some pepole around castle, like our old friend "Cancellor" And by the way, how many gold frogs is there? There's one fake right, and one real, but didnt Rat get in jail for stealing another?
  12. Somewhere along the line they're bound to be posted without being deleted... And I'm pretty sure that somewhere on the web is the locations of the goodie caves already...
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