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  1. So liek, I wasted more than 1 hour to find it, but all I did was going in circles. Can anyone give me precise directions please? :/
  2. @DA Lol sorry but Mel's face expression makes me laugh
  3. DA stalkers are scary D: @Overmoon Well thanks for the info
  4. @Luthie Ello sistah Yup, *my boyfriend* >v> :awww:
  5. Holy cookies, missed many new sets over here o3o @DA The Stalkers?! MEep o.o @Luthie chan Awweh, love the avvie :loving: @Luzzie Puuurrrrrrpppppllllllleeeee :loving: @Ellie : Awwh, so kyute >v< @Overmoon 1st of all : HI 8D 2nd : Avvie spooks me a bit o3o
  6. Heehee thank you Managed to finish the game!
  7. All done, thank you But now, I'm stuck again - My party has Edward, Stella and Tei'jal. I have to go to Aveyond temple.... How do I get back there? I tried to find my way through Wyrm forest ... Can't find it. Nor there, nor in the tomb.x.x
  8. Lol thanks xD But now I can't find my way back to where I found the scale *facepalm*
  9. I've browsed the whole Av4-4 thread, and tried everything. Yet, I can't find at all the 3rd mask. e.e I think I've been walking in circles through those caves for at least 2 hours. Simply can't find that mask!
  10. D.A.T

    Post Your Picture!

    Aweh Bryce, I really love how the sea looks :loving:
  11. @Ktc She's just too addicted to him. She can't let him go... Sadly
  12. Well, no need to be scared Me and him are ok now.. She lied... I asked his friends about it
  13. Heh, since you added me, you can view his profile. o3o but don't be surprised of what you'll see.
  14. I don't know. Also, he tries to keep me only for him. v.v
  15. Hm.. I don't know if it matters. But he is really possessive when it comes to me. :l I mean, there are boys that go pervy on me, and he keeps them away from me. He protects me. headache
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