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  1. haha. it bettered your wriring. although i consider you to definately be an artist with your artwork, drawings, etc.
  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaahh this poor little forgotten project...it just...sits. sits here. ah well, toothy-chan if you ever have time you should try to end it at least.
  3. heh i leave for like a month and come back to find 'omg there are like 3 updates!' trueshadow, thankies you! i'm calling off the search party, sorry guys
  4. no! if trueshadow leaves I will personally hunt him/her/them down and haunt him/her/them until they finish!!!!
  5. so...whats next? btw avey, this is very good, I can't wait for more!
  6. noooooooo!! it's been ages since I've checked, and STILL THERES NOTHING HERE!!! *sits in corner and cries pitifully* you didn't see anything... O.o
  7. avey! this is exciting! though if I'm like eleven, why am i so tall? and fishy wants a microphone for her weapon!!! *puppy eyes*
  8. avey, please!!!! put up the next update sitting in your notebook! please? PLEASE?!?!?!
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