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  1. Done the first trade. Which is the second one?
  2. Now its almost September end...when is the Curse of twilight expected!!??
  3. Oh thanks for the info....I have been waiting for the new Aveyond game for such a long time now....Cant wait for September to come. :oops:
  4. Coming Soon! From Us Curse at Twilight: Darkfall Manor August, 2011 This has been posted on the Amaranthia website forever.....It is almost August end and there has been no news whatsoever about it.... Does anyone know anything about it??!! :taz:
  5. Thanks a lot. Saved the folder...now I can be assured my game is safe while I reformat the computer.
  6. Thanks a lot. Saved the folder...now I can be assured my game is safe while I reformat the computer.
  7. I am midway in my game and I need to reformat the computer for some reason. Can anyone please tell me where are the saved files stored. I have Windows 7 right now.
  8. thanks guys for all your help...finally found one....thank god i can move on in the game. YAY!!
  9. i have. I have been to every possible tree. tried accessing the tree from both front and behind. Is it possible for someone to just number the trees on the map.
  10. I have been searching for the beanstalk seed for past 2 hrs. Its getting frustating and people are saying that there are 18 trees while i can count only 17. where is the 18th one? Can anyone mark all the trees and help me in finding the beanstalk. I have used both the mouse and keyboard. Please help.
  11. horray....just 10 days left...finally the countdown has begun...10
  12. Wow.....cant wait...7 days left i guess...btw the voiceovers are cool...especially the one with Prof. Moo and Willette...they have added their feeling with their voices....hahahahahaha
  13. Wow...the cover looks absolutely fabulous....beautiful artwork..!!
  14. When is the GoN coming...it has been a long wait...its been a week since I finished the LoT... Desperately waiting for the second chapter.
  15. Tell us the date of release now....its so difficult to wait after finishing the first part....when when when is GoN releasing??!!
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