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  1. Awesome Game, I ended Edward with Mell :loving: But Stella dead :cry: :cry: :cry: do Stella leave again in the next Aveyond? if I ended Stella with Edward, do she still live?
  2. I've ended the game, its an Awesome Game worth to wait , playing it for 3 days ( >< ) I choose Edwar ended up with Mell :loving: but Stella dead :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: If I choose Stella then she wouldn't dead, wouldn't she? .. I'm tired to re-play to know the answer, can anybody tell me? btw, do Stella live again in next Aveyond-The Lost Orb? thank you
  3. cool.. very exited here waiting July 31st to come btw, does the stories end in this Gon ? or still continue? thank you
  4. great, thanks for the info and yes like the GON icon waiting for it
  5. I love it, especially when I found all goodie cave The 1st thing I notice and love it when I play the game is when Mel go to locked house - theres knock knock sounds - thats cutee.. I love the story - can't wait what happen next. The character - I love Mel, Shes a bit mean - yes, but I think it because of her hard life, she need to be tough, strong and face reality. But don't know why, I don't like Edward , especially when he get angry and leave party when Mel tell the truth and think Mel crazy, and he joined again just because its better than back to Thais :x , I wish in the next chapter he become more wise and a man, not a little boy who only think about himself - and don't know what is real world like. And Te'ijal - is perfect, and really wish Galahad finally falling in love with her I love the music too , and all side quest I just don't know I like chapter or not, its like reading a half book and can't open the next page. I know that you all just want to give us the best thing by making it chapter. So, I think I'll accept it btw, thank you for making this awesome game. If I can request: I wish there is few ending for us to choose, like in AV2. One of it is a happy ending story with a wise and gentleman Edward in it. have a nice day
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