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  1. @nat~chan luv the effects of ur siggie ^-^
  2. @agas i think ur set is awesome n has good looking boys X3 @Michael nice avvie! i like the hair ^.^ @june so kawaii~ love the stars <3 @may~chan i don't kno ; i just found her pic on aethereality
  3. @val & dattie~chan thankoo! ^-^ @luthie~chan thankies n i tried to make the words blend in to fill the empty space. They're lyrics from Total Eclipse of the Heart @may~chan ur siggie ish so pweetyful ^.^
  4. i made a new set! ^.^ @jag ur set looks great! i like the effects n colors. KTC did a great job
  5. @june ur siggie ish sooo cute! X3 makes me miss watching powerpuff girls...
  6. i loled at galahad's songs n i love lar's first song ^.^ ahriman has light's laughter! O_O!
  7. well... here's me again! Names: Allets, stella, mari Born: Cebu, Philippines Likes: blue, purple, stars, chess, getting As, biking, meeting new ppl, badminton, sushi, i could continue but it would b a very long list ^.^; Dislikes: losing (sore loser right here ), low grades, schoolwork/homework, being bored
  8. @rekka~chan sooo cute! i lovie ur avvie soo much! @luthie~chan Montblanc!! kawaii~ he's so adorable X3
  9. :welcome: to AM everyone! I'm sure yall will love this place. ^.^
  10. changed my set! Don't kno y but just got bored n made a twins set. X3
  11. http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=12192&forum=73
  12. lol wouldn't wanna b in a dungeon like that either u'll find the answer to all those questions in TLO I liked Spook and i thought he was awesome! n cute <3 but him with Mel... i wouldn't prefer it
  13. Great sets everyone! ^.^ I made a set for February n Valentines Day. Spread the love. :love: hehe i feel kinda like a hippie X3
  14. @Elemental i like the flashing color-changing effect on ur sig n the story seems so sad
  15. i like the hearts bg in ur siggie Lara n i really like the avvie
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