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  1. Getting back to Ghe'dahre?

    Thank you! (Now I just have to remember how to get back to Underfall...)
  2. How? I need the scary mask. THANK YOU! Also, I am loving this game, despite the fact that I am now nearly bald what with the tearing my hair out....;-)
  3. Dragon to Mysten Far

    Okay, bought the dragon, but now I need the bridle, which I can't get until I fix the Temple, which I can't do until I get the mask, which I can't get until I can find out how to get back to Ghe'dahre. Help?
  4. Getting OUT of Underfall!

    Got it, thanks!
  5. Help! Which exit do I use to get OUT of Underfall? (And is that what I'm supposed to be doing now that I'm down to three characters?)
  6. Wyr Flames and Boss battle

    I admit, I often scroll through the dialog. That said, the only thing my journal says is "Find the Oracle." Okay, off to Aveyond! Wooo nelly, this Demon Plains thing has been challenging!
  7. Wyr Flames and Boss battle

    Staff? Oracle? When would I have gotten that? Oh noooooo!
  8. Wyr Flames and Boss battle

    I did that! And a door opened. Was something else supposed to happen? Also, thanks!
  9. Okay, I know. I've ordered the Strategy Guide but Plimus is "reviewing" my order (which is why I absolutely LOATHE Plimus, by the way). In the meantime, I have FINALLY completed all the quests in this area save one. Got to the Boss battle and Uma says the party isn't strong enough and we have to collect the Wyr Flames. How? Every time I approach one it says I don't have the thing I need to collect it, or something.
  10. Demon Realm

    Okay, got the rope, returned the house, found red slime and returned it to the slime farmer, need veg to help dying guy and I have been WANDERING AROUND IN CIRCLES for hours now. Where do I find the rope puzzle? The vegetable? GAH! (spoiler font above).
  11. Demon Realm

    Oh man. I have been wandering around the Demon Plains for hours....
  12. BUGS

    Got it! Thank you!
  13. BUGS

    Okay, so I should be able to find the location I'm supposed to find without having to deal with the bugs?
  14. BUGS

    I'm stuck at the same point. Another clue?
  15. She's walking back and forth at the front door and I can't get out!