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  1. Thanks i think i understend, and i will use a provios save to escape underworld
  2. I now that is some one that ned Harp String, but were do i find it and how do i leave underworld
  3. How do i open the Red Chest? Or it will be posible in Lost Orb, not in GoN?
  4. Sory, now I realise, Standard time is GMT +2, and because DST we past in GMT +3, I dident now that in DST the GMT change.
  5. Argoyle, i only want to say that ROMANIA is at GMT +2
  6. I don”t remember how long it take me to play av1 and av2 but am remember that was mach more that LoT, and if GoN will be as long as LoT, togheder it will be not even close to av1 or av2
  7. I only hope that GoN it will be longer, not only 10h (and i visit all the place, evry corner), i hope to have at last 30h.
  8. y hope will be more and more aveyond games, because i love them, bat i want to apear faster
  9. and that mean that nr 6 will apear in may 2010?
  10. is someone that now how many chapter will be???
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