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  1. I have gone into the arena and have gone to the left following the yellow banners, which is supposed to take me to the spectators' area. I go out and I see the guy in the hood, whom I'm supposed to talk to, but I cannot get down into the area where he is. He is down on the next level from where you come out of the first arena area, and I can't get to him. I have gone over every inch of this area, and cannot get down to where the hooded guy is. Where is the way down?
  2. Ah. Thanks. I've already completed that dungeon, but I still have the reflective ball, so I hope I should still be able to do it. It worked, and there was a Cheeki there, too! Thanks again. Please don't double post. Just use your edit button to add more information. ~Mopiece
  3. How do I find the Torture Cube, which is supposed to be in the dungeon? I assume that's Forthwrong's dungeon. I can't find the torture cube anywhere. Thanks.
  4. Any hints as to a good party composition to deal with the bears in Busybeak? I can't beat three of them with Boyle, Robin, Ingrid, and Hi'beru! Or is there a particular strategy to use with this party composition that I may be missing? Those bears are tough!
  5. I am hopelessly lost in the Depths of Fire. I think I have moved all the walls. I can't find any more buttons that are still active to move walls. But I can't find where the forge is. The only 2 cave entrances I find are the one that leads out of the DoF and another that leads just to a ledge where there is some money in a bag. I'm wandering all over, and can't find any other exits. Obviously, I have missed something. (I did find the goodie cave, though!) Never mind the above. I found some rocks I could walk over, that I didn't think I could! I think I have found the direction I need to go. Thanks, anyway. Don't double post. Just use the edit button to add more information to your post. ~Mopiece
  6. Is the house Rowen refused to enter (where Miles is supposed to be) the one she keeps saying is locked? I can't get past that dialogue. Is there something that needs doing before she will go in?
  7. I agree with Faerieschyld. I don't pay much attention to ratings. For one thing, I have found that my tastes are not the same as most people's. I like the Aveyond games because they are thinking games more than they are "action" games. Let's face it, the battles in Aveyond are tame indeed compared with a lot of other games. But you have to think to play these games. I also like the characters. So never mind the ratings. That's nothing but opinion, anyway.
  8. Oh! I thought that was the cupcake! Silly me! H'mmm . . . How to steal caramel apples from kids . . . heeheeheeeee! Thank you. (Now I feel really silly . . .)
  9. I have been all over Veldarah, in every house and shop, and I cannot seem to find the caramel apple to give to Jenna! My aging eyes are getting pretty bad! Apparently it is in Veldarah, from what everyone has said. I just can't find the silly thing! Would appreciate help!
  10. Kenneth, yes, difficulties are inevitable as we age. However, you can live with it. Just keep a young attitude. I am in pain every day, but I do not let it slow me down! I'm in my 60s, and back in college! So keep that young attitude, and you can defeat the inconveniences of aging.
  11. Feel free, UntoldReveries! No problem! Found Jebb -- like another poster in another thread, I didn't look behind the shops! D'oh! Found the map and after that the temple! Thank you all for your time and guidance.
  12. That is not the problem. I've been across the bridge and been to Clearwater. I've talked to William, who said he stumbled upon an abandoned temple in the forest. I have not been able to find it. All I can get to is the thieves' cave, the squirrels' cave and the lillies to pick for William's wife. I can't find a way to get anywhere further north, where I can see one squirrel wandering around. Where is the temple? And how does one get to it?
  13. Regarding how I feel about age: see my tagline.
  14. I got the quest to find the temple in Riven Forest, but I can't find it! I've tried everything -- looking for hidden entrances to caves, looking for paths through the woods. Nope. Help?
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