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  1. Don't worry, UnicornLady, I got lost, too (I'm another "Granny Gamer"). And I draw terrible maps! No artistic ability whatsoever. So I try to follow the rule of turning only one way -- I proceed either always to the left or always to the right, and eventually I get out of wherever I am. But getting lost lets you do lots of exploring and get lots of level-up points in combat! Just be sure you're well-supplied (which I always do, being a military veteran)! And I write my own walk-through as I play the game.
  2. Well, where to start? So many twists (more than an episode of "Law and Order!"). I like that I was right about Hercules. I thought during LoT, just hearing about him, that he was going to turn out to be a character like Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter! I think Hercules and Lydiot -- er, Lydia are made for each other. (Gee, do you get the idea I don't care for Lydia?) She and Hercules do have a certain trait in common, it seems. What I do like is wondering how she is going to turn out. She may show glimmerings of becoming less of a pain in the anatomy! I, too, like the compass. I like the eggs even more this time around! And I really like the insane amounts of gold you can accumulate by slaying certain creatures in certain areas! Wow! And bless you, Amaranth, you can design mazes that I actually LIKE! The Mount Drake Caves and the Mirror Caverns and all are basically mazes, but yours are so engaging and so cunningly done, that I actually LIKE being in them. (Usually, in games, I can't stand mazes -- like the ones in Diablo II, the Flayer Dungeon, in the jungle.) I got totally LOST in the Mount Drake Caves, and thought it was big fun. The chapter was worth waiting for. It's fun, it's engaging, it's visually stunning. I have to say that you fooled me, though. I don't have speakers on my computer, so I use my Bose noise-canceling headphones when I play games. Playing GoN tonight, as Mel and Co. were running around the desert, I kept hearing a fly buzzing around. It got annoying, and I was about to yell to my husband. See, we live in Florida, out in the country, and in the summer we have a time with flies and I thought another one of the doggone things had gotten in the house. Then I realized that the fly I was hearing is on the soundtrack for the game! :laughing: Amaranth: a triumph! Well done! And thank you.
  3. In playing GoN, I went back to the armor goodies cave to check the contents of the blue chests after having found the key to them. When I entered the cave, two of the locked blue chests were already open and the contents gone. Two of the plain unlocked chests that I had opened in LoT were closed again, and had in them their usual contents -- skull helmets and blessed shields, just as in LoT.
  4. One use for the checklist for us older players is that we can see where the blue (locked) chests are that we saw in LoT but could not open because we don't have a lockpick (which we get in GoN). At my age, I'll forget where those chests are! :-) Thanks again, SubData, for a great job. I'm going to be sitting at my computer at 3 a.m. in the morning waiting to start downloading . . .
  5. I think Big Fish changed how they do re-downloads. Now you go to your account page and look under your purchase history, find the game, and download it again. They allow five additional downloads, I think it is, under the one license. I could. of course, be wrong. :-)
  6. Thanks, Jayshe, for asking the question I was going to ask! Glad I will be able to continue playing from the LoT I bought at BFG with GoN which I will buy from this site! And if BFG doesn't have AV1-C, I guess I will also be buying it again from here so I can play the latest version. Again, THIS is the place to buy Amaranth Games!
  7. Thanks for the information, Shaz, and I intend not only to buy GoN from this site rather than BFG, but I'm also going to get the updates here, too. Not that I'm dissing BFG; I'll still buy other games there. But this is the place to get Amaranth Games. I'm really looking forward to getting GoN!
  8. I am curious about one thing: In LoT, in Istir Forest, there are two caves in which there is nothing at all when you enter them. Will there be something in them in GoN? O have I missed something . . . again (lol)?
  9. I am hoping that in GoN we will find out that there is something in those two empty caves in the Istir Forest! Those really have me wondering. . . . or have I missed something . . .? (Would not be the first time! lol!)
  10. I wonder if you could also put into the options on the music a volume control. My computer doesn't have speakers, so I use my headphones, which don't have a volume control on them. Just a thought. But sometimes the music is loud. Or is there some way to reduce the volume through the computer? I'd be grateful if someone could direct me how to do that. Thanks.
  11. Thanks, tiniponi. I went to the C-net site, which someone had suggested, and was able to download it there. I've started, and came back to get some hints on how to get to Thais!
  12. The heading on the box in which the error message pops up says "MS-DOS 16-bit subsystem" and then it goes on to give the error message referred to above. I wish it would let me cut and paste so we could have the exact wording of the error message. It opens up the DOS window! For some reason, Windows XP apparently thinks that it is an MS-DOS based game! There seems to be something about it that isn't recognizing it as compatible with XP. Other than that, I am completely lost! Heehee!
  13. Very nice! Not only thorough, but compact, so it is easy to keep it by the keyboard for reference. Great job! :goodjob:
  14. smallbrowncat -- I'm just a young'un of 62, but I think we're right in there on the demographics! These games suit me right down to the ground! I think there are more of us granny gamers than people think there are.
  15. rugwithlegs -- As for Te'ijal being "positively anemic," I have found that if you give her the cursed mail to wear, it does give her great protection, but while she is wearing it, she can't hit the broad side of a barn! Later on, I got her some plain plate armor. Her defense went down, but then she could shoot that black oak bow MUCH better, and was getting much better hits off the bad guys. Also, while she's wearing the cursed mail, she does not sustain near the damage she does otherwise, with the result that her Drain skill does not kick as strongly as it does when she is wearing plate or Dwarven armor and taking more hits. The cursed mail gets her through the original battle with the skeletons in Wyrm Forest, where she first rescues Galahad, but beyond that, I would rather put less protective armor on her so that she can score higher points with her bow and with her Drain skill.
  16. When Te'ijal and Galahad finally join the party and Mel introduces Stella to them, she does not also introduce Edward. For his part, Edward does not express any surprise at learning that Te'ijal really is a vampire, after all his skepticism before. I find that a little odd.
  17. I can't believe I've read all those posts! Okay. My two gold coins: I love the eggs! The bomber bird eggs rock, and the spider eggs are terrific, too. The Easter eggs can surprise. Hah! I also like the disappearing corpses. Neatness counts, y'know. Nice that it saves trying to get something from a corpse you've already searched. I thought LoT started out a bit slow, but it does pick up after a while. I don't mind the chapter thing. I was a bit surprised, because I downloaded from BFG, and there was no indication that this was a first chapter. I just don't think it's worth getting all that excited over. I have far more important things to expend my WP (Worry Points) on, like my grandson's misbehavior or the economy or . . . yaddayaddayadda. I like the idea of having a new bit of Aveyond every few months instead of having to wait a year or more. And when you put the two chapters together, you DO have a "full game" for $20 (or $14 if you're BFG), so what the ding-dong is the difference? As for where LoT ends, it was a bit of a startle, but I think it's a great cliffhanger! Having Heptitus make off with the key is a great hook. I like the idea of having to chase her nasty self down for it. (I call her Hepatitus, because she's about as pleasant.) Characters: Mel is good. A rascally, cynical street urchin. Sometimes she shocks (mildly) with her remarks, but she'll get better as she goes. She'll learn some compassion. Lydia is going to join the party later? Ugh. She'd better do some learning, too, or I'll let her get snuffed and stay that way! I couldn't stand Nicholas in Aveyond 2, either! I don't mind Edward. I don't think he's all that bad, and I can understand him leaving and then coming back. He's not worldly-wise. He's been sheltered. So he's finding out stuff of which he had no concept. And his coming back shows how distasteful the thought of being cooped up in his life can be to him. Maybe he'll decide he doesn't want to be king. Especially if he wants to marry Mel. Gee -- there was another Prince Edward who fell in love with a commoner and had to abdicate, here in the real world. H'mmm. And by mentioning that bit of royal history, I'm showing MY age! I'm glad to see Te'ijal and Galahad showing development. That is indeed going to be an interesting story thread to follow. The remark the old man in the bar makes about having hated his wife until she died, and then discovering that he loved her all along may have some prophetic import for Galahad. That is a funny scene, though. And Te'ijal may sound like she's threatening, but I think it's just a very dry sense of humor. I agree that the first part ended up being too linear, but sic biscuitus disintegrat (that's the way the cookie crumbles). I'm happily waiting for the next one. Now I gotta go back and play again and get all those . . . hmmmmm . . . never mind.
  18. Argoyle, you're right. One does not have to go hog wild with the goodiecave items. One of the things I like to do with Aveyond games -- and they are so adaptable, really -- is to try to play in different ways. One way I might play without the items from the caves. Another I might go get them as soon as I can and just romp all over everyone (it's like playing Civ in complete battle mode to conquer the world as fast as can be just for the fun of it). So there are different ways and modes to play, which is what makes the game so playable in the first place.
  19. Really, in this first chapter, I don't think you need to take more than $100,000. If you're going to play Marcello's game you don't want to take any more than that if you should lose! (But then, it's always good to save before doing something risky like that). But, yeah, I am curious, too -- what DID you buy?
  20. 1. For those who may forget between chapters, make notes. 2. I didn't know it was going to be released bit by bit when I bought it. I didn't read the forums here (though now I am), and I don't think BFG put a noticeable notice when I downloaded it. I was surprised, but I don't mind. I think the second part will be worth waiting for. 3. I'm enjoying doing different things with the first chapter -- playing different modes, doing things like getting to the goodie caves ASAP and kicking . . . well . . . you know. Heehee! 4. Take it from a granny: there are more important things to worry about.
  21. Just don't take the bad eggs to the Moo Hatchery. We don't want to hatch out any more of them.
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