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  1. Thanks guys, turned out I needed a new memory card/RAM. Just got it fixed.
  2. If it does it again, which it will :roll: I'll check the card? I left my computer on last night. Didn't want to be bothered fooling around with it today.
  3. No I mean the actual plugs that plug into the back of my desktop puter. The ones with the wire prongs. They're very particular. They have to be just right. Not too loose or too tight. Just slightly lifted or pushed down, slightly to the left or right. They have to be exactly right. Annoying, annoying, annoying! I'm playing the game now. Once I get my puter started it seems to be fine. I just have to restart it a hundred times, when I first turn it on because I don't know if the plugs are EXACTLY right until I restart it. Makes no sense, when I haven't even touched it all night? I know some people leave their puters on, but I turn mine off every night. I may rethink that! Me? fiddle with the inside of my puter?? Yikes, that's a scary thought. I did that once just to clean the fans. :roll:
  4. Thanks for your help. I got it to work last night. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my very delicate plugs and wires plugged into the back of my computer. If they're not in PERFECTLY it screws everything up. :S They're all in the right place but they can't be too tight or too loose. I hadn't moved my computer at all. It's sooo annoying! I had trouble just now getting my monitor to work. The computer turns on, but the monitor doesn't work. The monitor "on" light turns green and then yellow and the screen is black. I'm not sure if it's my monitor, mouse, keyboard or all three or even something else entirely. I have to turn off my computer manually, jiggle all the wires, turn my computer back on a couple hundred times and it finally works! What else could it be? Yes I ran my McAfee antivirus...nothing wrong there and my computer is not that old. This is why I hate computers :x Now I'm paranoid to move anything. My computer is perched very precariously on my little file cabinet next to me and that's how it's staying Long story short :oops:
  5. Well first my cursor/mouse freezes and then I have to restart my computer. It's happening all the time now, even when not playing a game. I updated something a few weeks ago. Pretty sure it was explorer or google or something duh. and then my favourites from my start menu and my desktop icons stopped working and now this. My game was working fine though. Just today I started my computer and it was a blank screen. I thought my monitor had died. I jiggled some wires and restarted a few times and got it back on. I started playing the game and then the freezing started. I'm soooo confused??
  6. arrrghhhhh I hate computers :x Probably because I know nothing about them!I did update my video driver about a month ago but I have been playing the game fine the last few days. Could it be a loose wire somewhere? I've been trying to figure this out for hours now.
  7. I just tried playing a bit of Aveyond 2. Same thing happened. It froze and I had to restart my computer? The game was working fine yesterday. I don't get it?? One thing seems strange. When I start my computer now and windows first comes on I hear that little ping sound like I've pressed the wrong key or something, but I haven't even touched it. Must be my computer? but what?? I feel so dumb :oops: It's the windows error ping, but no error message appears?
  8. Hi guys, long time no see! I decided to replay through my Aveyond games starting with Rhen's Quest. I purchased it from Big Fish quite awhile ago, so I decided to uninstall it and reinstall it. It's been working fine the last few days, but today it freezes every few minutes and I have to restart my computer. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but today when I turned on my computer my monitor wasn't working so I jiggled some wires and now it's working fine, but the game isn't? What could it be? I'm stumped? Thanks in advance P.S. I can still hear the sound.
  9. I'm embarassed to say I don't have Lars in a guild, because I'm waiting for the best one and I have no idea what the best one is?? I've never used the guilds before. I guess I should...duh. Soul pendant? What soul pendant? I have Galahad in my party, but he seems useless in this battle. Anyhoo, I gave up and sailed on over to Veldt and bought some better weapons and equipment with the thousands of dollars I had by then! I don't use cheats. I don't see the point. Although I have been tempted! I had no problem defeating the monsters there with my older equipment though, so I should have been able to defeat Indra....my opinion? Well I went back and finally defeated her. I must learn not to panic, but that music drives me nuts! I know it off by heart. I know I can turn it off but it's just not the same. Yeah I know how nutty that sounds. Well, I'm off again to save the world. Thanks once again for your quick reply.
  10. Hi guys! Help! I'm replaying Aveyond 1 after finishing the Orb series. This one's more difficult! I'm trying to beat Indra right now and I'm pulling my hair out! I don't remember it being this hard to beat her? Have I missed something? Am I here too soon? I'm using Rhen, Lars, Elini, and Te'ijal. They're at level 48, 46, 47, 46. I've got Rhen using "Windwatcher's Song" with Sword of Silence, Lars using the Cracked Orb, Elini using "Tawrich" with the Goblin Whip and Te'ijal using Elven Rapier. They have on ice amulets. The second round one or two are down with her "Ice Storm" and maybe one round after that the rest are dead with "Fury"! Arrrrghhhh! I don't have time to use a healer because I need all the party attacking, because of her "Fury" attacks! I'm sure I probably don't have ALL the right equipment but I assumed my high levels would make up for it....um nope! Help! Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks, I'll try that. Where else could you purchase it from? I can't remember. That was about 3 years ago? I had a different email account with a different provider (Outlook Express) and a different computer. If they have to email me anything I no longer have Outlook Express installed. Ok, now I'm just confusing myself more :oops:
  12. Hi guys! I remember purchasing and playing Rhen's Quest many moons ago. I can't remember where I purchased it? I've bought a new computer since then and I'd like to redownload it. I thought it was purchased at Big Fish along with all my other Aveyond games, but it's not listed. I've had a new email address for some time now, so I tried signing in with my old address. I still can't find it. Maybe I bought it here? How can I find out? Thanks in advance.
  13. I'm playing through my Orb Series games after finishing Darkthrop Prophecy. Right now I'm playing The Lost Orb. I promised the maids I would help catch Lady Grenwalle as the baby kidnapper. Well I forgot what to do. Lady Grenwalle was always at home and I forgot to read her journal. I thought she had to be out of the house meeting someone and I would catch her. Well I couldn't remember what to do, so I went about my business doing other things. I just came back and she wasn't home, so I looked around for her and saw the maids at the cemetary. It seems she kidnapped another child and the maids went through with ther poisonous deed They said I was too late. I just thought I'd post this for anybody's interest. I haven't seen this posted before. I feel so guilty. I mean Mel and her party feel guilty. :roll: An interesting twist? Where was the inspector anyway? Right now he's at the cemetary. :S
  14. Thanks guys I have no idea why, but when I came back to the game and restarted the battle it wasn't doing it anymore? It just fixed itself? I just minimized the game to post this. I didn't quit and reload. This happened to me before in one of the other games. I didn't know about the switching to the mouse solution, but good to know. Anyhoo, I've finally won the battle. Gotta love that toxic sludge! I can't believe I'm almost finished the game. I'm not ready! :cry: I might just start over from the beginning of the series
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