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  1. woodlandpearl

    waterworks tower mill bug

    I'm playing through all of the Aveyond series (again!! ) and came across an error message while Lydia is the leader. This is the first time that I have changed leaders in GON. All of the other times I played, I have left the leader as Mel. After using the oil, the water level increases, there is a text box that asks if Lydia should jump. I selected yes and I received the following error message: File/Graphics/Characters/hero-lydia8-SWIM was not found. I select ok and the game closes. I did redownload and installed the game again just in case the version I had on my system was corrupt. The same error occurred. I did change the leader to Mel and had no problem. Merged Topics
  2. The game has an interesting story line, but I'm having a hard time reading the story line - the font comes across "blocky" and I'm finding I need to guess at what the word is. I'm running the game at full screen with a wide screen monitor.
  3. woodlandpearl

    Strategies on Final Battles

    I was at 50 with most of my characters.
  4. woodlandpearl

    Cant find orb of light

    You'll need to explore the northern part of the cavern.
  5. woodlandpearl

    Strategies on Final Battles

    The spider eggs worked great. Sometimes they did 9000+ worth of damage. I didn't use Lydia or the Mel's trip. I keep forgetting that Mel as this skill! Next time around I'll try Mel's trip and using Lydia.
  6. woodlandpearl

    Sapphire question

    I got the sapphire once I cleared out all of the flower monsters, then exited out, and then came back in. I only saw two flowers that were regenerated and one of those had the sapphire.
  7. aislingyngaio, good point. Hmm...still thinking on this one. I read about the engagement piece here after I left Aveyond and thought oops. Guess it would have been shocking if I would have kept going and seen what would happen if he didn't chose anyone.
  8. Aveyond 3 (Chap 1 & 2) are the best Aveyond games yet! GoN being my favorite especially with Lydia. She cracked me up with her rude attitudes, her snide comments to Mel, and I did feel for Edward since he was in the middle of it! The compass was a great feature - I've played several RPG's where I had to spend time back tracking - no fun. :-( The storyline was awesome, the interaction between the characters was well developed. So may twists and turns! :-) The ending shocked me - especially the scene that occurred after the Orb of Life was used. There was a sad moment and then an amusing one. I like the fact that some of our actions do impact the game - some minor, some major. I definitely will play again to get the different endings (my first round was with Mel & Edward). The only things that threw me off was the engagement piece. I honestly didn't know about it until after I went to Aveyond and by then it was too late to propose. Maybe there should be a hint somehere in the game - not sure if it should be listed under the "journal" or maybe after reaching the required number of attraction points, a box comes up with something like "You've reached 4 attraction points. You may continue collecting attraction points or propose to Stella in Thais". I did enjoy collecting a lot of loot in this Chapter! At first I didn't think I would be able to buy the armor and raise money to win Thor since the prices were so outrageous in Chapter 1. However, after buying the ship, I was definitely raking in the money! I also found Lydia's spells not as effective as I thought they would be. I honestly didn't use her at all since she seemed to only cause very minimal damage. I did not try equiping the different wands geared to the different books to see if that made a difference. The books were a very neat idea - I remember equiping orbs in Aveyond 2 and it was aweseome when I inadvertantly discovered that a book could be equiped to Lydia. I also thought it was a nice touch that Lydia would drop the book when she was done so I could equip her with another book. The only other minor piece was the ending - I thought I may be able to see a wedding scene instead of being brought to another screen indicating that they were married and it wasn't as bad as Mel thought it would be. Amanda and everyone involved with the creation of this game - awesome work! As mentioned previously, this is definitely one of my favorite Aveyond games and I look forward to the next Chapter!
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the game (after getting over the length). I originally purchased through BFG and was not aware that the game was broken out into chapters/books until I downloaded the game. The ending was definitely a cliff hanger and was expected since I had read about the chapters/books concept here before finishing the game. I found the graphics and music extrodinary. I enjoy the interactions between the different characters and at some cases the dialog can be hilarious. I like the fact that some choices that we make can impact other events in the next chapter/book. I'm sure I'll be playing the game over and over for the different scenarios. I did find that LoT was very straightforward - I knew exactly what the next step was; and if I was off the beaten path in some scenes, the messages would pop up letting me know that. I'm hoping that the next chapter/book will allow more exploration. I thought that the options (easy, normal, (not sure what the hard one was called off hand) was great. I like to play an easy game first and then work my way up. I'm wondering though...if I play in easy mode for LoT, will the easy mode be set in the next chapter/book? Or will there be another choice in the beginning to pick which mode you want? All in all - keep up the great work! I can't wait until the next chapter/book comes out!
  10. woodlandpearl

    Chapters- Like or Dislike?

    I've played all Aveyond games, and I was initially disappointed when I read in the forum that I had purchased 1/2 a game. BFG did not market the game as "Part 1" or "Chapter 1". I initially felt cheated since I've been able to download Aveyond 1 & 2 as a full games; however, after reading several posts regarding this subject on this forum and BFG's forum, I've decided that I much rather have Aveyond games that are developed every 4 months or so instead of no Aveyond games at all. In the BFG forum, one of the contributors talked about the costs of going to a movie. That got me thinking about how many times that I payed $10 or more to download a game and discovered that I had completed the game in less than 2 hours. After reading Amanda's post on BFG and other posts on this forum, it really gave me an insight on what is behind game creation and I will be purchasing "Chapter 2" here through this site instead of BFG. The Aveyond series has been awesome - I grew up on Legend of Zelda and the Aveyond series brings me back to that era of gaming. I've find that games like Aveyond are so rewarding to play and bring back fond memories of games that I used to play. Keep up the good work and I cannot wait until the next Chapter comes out in July/August.
  11. woodlandpearl

    Aveyond 3 - Goodies

    I wasn't sure if this is a technical or whether I should post to the Aveyond 3 site. I'm using the keyboard instead of the mouse. I went through all the walls in the six places where the goodies were supposed to be and didn't find any caves. I was't until I figured out where one of the caves was (based on another web site) and discovered that I needed to stand in front of the cave and then hit the space bar to enter the cave.