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  1. I considered turning vegeterian once... But I just love the taste of meat too much. >_< I support the notion of everyone being able to eat what they love and want to eat. No one group should start converting the other. Eating is a choice after all. I'm kind of the opposite of Pokegal... I'm lactose intolerant so I have alot more meat than dairy in my diet. XD Sometimes I suspect I might be Ca deficient. I should start drinking more soy, or something. About PETA... They're extremists going in too deep for a good cause, IMO... Their methods are wrong. Anyone heard of the lettuce ladies? Eugh. And there was this campaign that went like "Drink beer, not milk." Need I say more? Ridiculous.
  2. I'm not sure but I think I'm a typical human, I enjoy seeing stuff make sense... I think that's why the horoscopes are so appealing, its because they make your life make sense, as though there is a reason for stuff that's happening to you... I think people enjoy that, and maybe they enjoy being able to control their lives with their actions, which could be why Fengshui is so popular. (Even though we're not really talking about Fengshui but yeah.) I'm Chinese but I don't really believe in Fengshui I guess... Its cool to know and I guess it would'nt really hurt but I would'nt say its life-threatening or anything, personally... Now I'm waiting very eagerly for 2012. XD Its a hot year for mankind, or so everyone's saying. I kinda wanna see what'll happen. 2009 will be another year, I'll live (hopefully) and continue existing. Edit: Anyway Happy New Year everyone. =D
  3. I don't really like gory videogames but I'm ok with violence. I play such games but... Yes, I've never killed anyone. I do agree that there are other factors to consider, like environment and stuff... Watching violence won't turn you violent, IMO especially so if you're a pacifist or you shy away from pain by nature. In fact I think violent videogames can put people off from violence further if they are already so inclined (away from violence)... But at what cost to the person it depends...
  4. mikasalla: I really like the Northern Lights, that's a very nice picture of them. =D I hope to photograph the Northern Lights one day, they're amongst my favourite natural phenomena. This is mine, I remember this thread but I think I might as well post it again. XD http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v317/MagiePoo/WallpaperWolf.png
  5. I like this background, and the footprints and the snowman leave you thinking. XD I remember when it was up for X'mas last year. Cool... Yeah I agree, I'm from the tropics too. I don't really care much for extreme cold (or heat for that matter) but I really wanna see real snow. XD
  6. Where's Spokane Wa? O_O USA? Lol it doesn't ring a bell...
  7. Oooh I'm from Singapore too, but I'm currently not schooling, waiting for NS. =/ Just graduated from a JC...
  8. Some people call me The Rising Star IRL. Its kind of annoying since my Maths teacher came up with it. Heh. And when I play Warcraft III its ParrotDude or Manifest. =P But here its usually just MW. For convenience's sake... XD
  9. MagickWielder


    My family has a high genetic risk for cancer... Both my mum's and dad's side... My grandpa (lung cancer) and both my grandmothers (Paternal grandma had a brain tumour? I dunno if that's cancer. And also stomach cancer for the other one...) succumbed to cancer... And as did my aunt, who had breast cancer that spread to the lung. Another aunt was unable to have children after she went for an operation to get rid of a tumour in her ovaries... Its a really painful disease and I recall how I had to hold back tears whenever I saw someone lying on a hospital bed. Most of the time it was because of cancer. Aeternus, I'm not particularly religious (about the praying thing) but I sincerely hope your uncle gets better! Never give up hope. My aunt survived way past the date the doctor estimated. According to my dad, she wanted to live to see Chinese New Year, and she indeed passed away on the second day of CNY a few years back...
  10. MagickWielder


    I think that's called System Restore? Its one of the System Tools, and you can access it from the taskbar under Programs I think. Though your com may not have it, my old com didn't... But it saved my com's life once! It got mauled pretty bad by some virus thingy about a year ago.
  11. Wow, its out already? O_O And just a few months ago I was slaving over VV2, trying to get my villagers to stay alive before I got the fishing upgrade... I think I'll try the VV3 trial during this break!
  12. I think I'd become either a teacher or a writer. O_O Teaching is fun because students around my current age are pretty interactive, that's the level I'd like to teach at. Writing because... Well I guess I'm okay at it. And I have a few sort of minor dreams. They're more like hopes. Don't have to come true but would be nice. These include staying in an ice hotel, raising another African Gray parrot with a cat, etc.
  13. ((Its okay, just clarifiying. You can do whatever you want. =) ))
  14. ((Actually there wasn't meant to be chaos. Its more like everyone would suspect you of assasinating her and attack you, the Cefiyaens aren't that dumb to fall into chaos right after their Queen dies. =/ Maybe Tek would'nt because he knows you guys better, but maybe he would too. But if chaos works then its fine I guess...))
  15. Cefiyaen tunnels - Faelyn, Sarona, Tek-Zem, Lennie, Riven Silver I watched Faelyn continue cleaning silently... How strange that they would use a toxic liquid like water to remove filth... I would stick with my fungi. "You are welcome, females..." I gestured, before preparing myself to divide the samples of anule evenly amongst them. At that moment, a horrible noise burst into life, tearing at my central core incessantly with its disharmonic resonance. The perpetual lament spoke of pain, of suffering and of invasive probing at its worst. Alien forces from outside were tearing into our world, ripping apart the very fundamental structure of our colony. Then there was silence. "... The Queen has shut down." I explained to the females, before realising that I had collapsed onto the ground in a rather uncomfortable position, the jar of anule still intact thanks to the incredible integrity of its material, but now lying on its side, on the translucent orange floor. With some difficulty, I righted myself, letting the information sink in. I habitually placed the container of alien chemicals back onto the granite table, before turning to face our envoys, shuddering. "Did... you do this?" My eyes fell from one female to the next in turn. It was clearly non-conclusive and pointless to have asked such a question, but I somehow felt responsible for possibly playing a part in Mul-Ras' demise... If these females had indeed assasinated her somehow... I was the one who had let them in, given them a chance to strike at the pillars of our civilisation and render it helpless and in chaos. ((Sorry if its too early... I can edit if needed. Or delete. Oh and Tek will be confused initially. Imagine having your brain taken away or something. XD And then he might rebel and follow you guys, or work with the other Cefiyaens to maybe try to kill you... In any case you'd better run soon...))
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