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  1. Hey there, it's been.... Five years?? Things sure look different. (Particularly after having to use the wayback machine to figure out what version of my username I used.) But I've been feeling nostalgic, and thought I'd visit old haunts. This used to be my online 'home', after all.
  2. I just finished. Oh my goodness. I really liked it. And the endings... priceless! (I'll post more in-depth when it isn't 2 in the morning.... xD )
  3. ....oh my gosh, how did I miss that? I've searched every shop and house except for that one. Thank you.
  4. I feel like I've looked all over the dratted place, yet I can't seem to find this particular potion item. I'm sure it's right in front of me, but a hint (or spoiler) would be helpful. I'm banging my head against the metaphorical wall right now. xD (And apparently no one else has had trouble finding it, since a search for Rosemary didn't turn up... so I have to ask and feel silly.)
  5. By the time I found any of the goodie caves, I already had better items than what they provided me. I just sold them... not that I needed the gold. xD But they were cluttering up my inventory.
  6. Are you sure? There are two others that come later in the game that you might like better. (Or not. xD ) But to find out what to put in, look at the profile page of whatever person it is that you want to make the cookies for. There's a hint there. ^^
  7. They are all in the area you found the first four.
  8. I'm at 25 hours, and am near the end of the game. But I've been spending time looking for goodie caves and getting all my side-quests done. If you just do the main quests, the game will be quite a bit shorter.
  9. There's an area to the North-East of Halina (on the world map) that you should explore.
  10. That depends on who you want your love interest for Ingrid to be.
  11. Search around Tor; you've actually seen it somewhere there, though not in one of the shops. Edit: Ninja'd by Valkyriet. xD
  12. You need to use all the eyes; perhaps try a different one?
  13. Have you investigated all the other rooms first? You should find something that can help you unlock it.
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