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  1. Hey @KTC. Long time, no see. This looks fantastic, man!
  2. Hey Sargon, definitely going to check this out
  3. Maybe they were hidden away by the Oracle to prevent anything like this from happening again? And that they still have their powers and do their duties but in secret? The areas they were residing in changed when they disappeared, people felt at unease, etc, etc. So they can't just have up and vanished. Though that raises the question of why Rashnu didn't stop Gyendal, considering he was friendly enough with Teijal (Or was that in Kaz's story only?)
  4. On the Haurvatat issue, I think she wasn't worshipped in Sedona at all, was she? If I remember correctly, she was worshipped in the village south of there. The village didn't exactly have a huge amount of contact with Sedona, since they couldn't even get elixirs from there. And in the 3rd game, we didn't visit that village at all. That might explain Haurvatat's absence
  5. You forgot the mysterious old lady that randomly showed up to give Stella levels when she had to do her test of purity or whatever up in the mountain in AV3. And the same random old lady gave Mel and Uma and Nox bonus levels in Demon Realm. I've wondered if all this is just the Oracle's doing. She doesn't interfere directly. Could be way off though
  6. I don't get one thing, if Haurvatat is a God, with power, why doesn't she just cure the village herself? Though I guess that could apply to the Oracle too Maybe it's because it's too much work....
  7. Hi Melete, welcome to AM, hope you enjoy it here Welcome back, Kinnison
  8. I hate dogs and the hate is mutual, from how much they chase me
  9. My sister's too scared of reptiles to even think of letting me own one
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