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  1. Hey Sargon, definitely going to check this out
  2. Hey guys! I've made a mobile runner game with a free and paid version. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fungames.baghdadescape https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fungames.baghdadescapepremium I would love it if you guys tried the game and gave me feedback. Buying the Premium Version with two extra characters would be massively appreciated by me, as a help to us making more games. So on to the game: It's an Infinite Runner game set in Baghdad, during the siege of the Mongols. It's basically a Temple Run game set in an Iraqi landscape. You have 5 characters in the paid version, 3 in the free version. Along with this, you have Lamps (For Lives), and many more features. Massive thanks if you download it Also a massive thanks to @Meroko for helping to beta the game
  3. theone

    Intrigue in Somerset

    This story was what I made for Nanowrimo. I couldn't win but I've go a story with a plot, an end and more than a few chapters completely ready. So here's chapter 1. It's also related to the game I'm making Chapter 1: Meeting friends It was Mary’s habit to look out of the window early in the morning. Nature, of all things she adored. She always felt a connection to nature, a connection which she never felt with anything else. Today, she was incredibly excited. Today she would finally be able to leave the city for the first time and go out on her own. What Mary really wanted to practice was her magic. She was an incredibly gifted magician. Today, she would go on the tour of the county with her cousin. Since the war had now ended, they could wander the county freely. Mary resumed her packing. There would be many towns out in the county. Along with the food in the forests, there would be no need to take any food. She hoped her cousin, Franz, was good enough with the sword to do some hunting. After packing a portable oil stove and some oil, she took one last glance around the room, picked up the Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice, which she had intended to read for some time. Rushing downstairs, Mary saw her father, Mr. Ratendale. She went up to him and gave him a quick hug then went to her mom in the kitchen. She expected this goodbye to be noisier than the last one and was not disappointed at all. Her mom cried and cried, hugged her and kissed her, then blessed her and prayed to God to protect her all the time saying, “She’s grown up so fast.” When this outburst of emotion finally ended, Mary ran out the door towards Central Park where she was to meet her cousin. Franz was not the type of person that she’d have liked to go with but it was between going with Franz or not going at all. After all, her parents would never trust any other boy to go with her besides her cousin. When Mary reached the park, she saw to her surprise that Franz’s best friend was also there. Rachael had been a close friend of both Mary’s and her cousin’s. She went over and greeted both of them. The she continued, “Ready to go?” Franz nodded and stooped over to take her bag. Usually, she wouldn’t let him feel superior and let him carry the bag but she decided to relent and give him the bag and save herself the trouble. It reminded her how sexist her cousin was, he thought that women were incapable of physical exertion. Reminding herself, that she had to spend two months with him, she decided to change him. After all, if there was one thing all women were good at, it was tricking men. Besides, it would give her a legitimate reason to bully Franz. And so the merry bunch set out towards their destination. As Bilbo Baggins once said: The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow, if I can, Pursuing it with eager feet, Until it joins some larger way Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say.
  4. theone

    Iya's dresses goodie for Aveyond 2?

    No such Goodie, sadly
  5. theone

    Aveyond Religion Discussion

    Maybe they were hidden away by the Oracle to prevent anything like this from happening again? And that they still have their powers and do their duties but in secret? The areas they were residing in changed when they disappeared, people felt at unease, etc, etc. So they can't just have up and vanished. Though that raises the question of why Rashnu didn't stop Gyendal, considering he was friendly enough with Teijal (Or was that in Kaz's story only?)
  6. theone

    Aveyond Religion Discussion

    On the Haurvatat issue, I think she wasn't worshipped in Sedona at all, was she? If I remember correctly, she was worshipped in the village south of there. The village didn't exactly have a huge amount of contact with Sedona, since they couldn't even get elixirs from there. And in the 3rd game, we didn't visit that village at all. That might explain Haurvatat's absence
  7. theone

    Orbs of Magic (or laughing) - A Parody

    That was funny
  8. theone

    Aveyond Religion Discussion

    You forgot the mysterious old lady that randomly showed up to give Stella levels when she had to do her test of purity or whatever up in the mountain in AV3. And the same random old lady gave Mel and Uma and Nox bonus levels in Demon Realm. I've wondered if all this is just the Oracle's doing. She doesn't interfere directly. Could be way off though
  9. theone

    Aveyond Religion Discussion

    I don't get one thing, if Haurvatat is a God, with power, why doesn't she just cure the village herself? Though I guess that could apply to the Oracle too Maybe it's because it's too much work....
  10. theone

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    Welcome to AM, Arkecia
  11. theone

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    Hi Melete, welcome to AM, hope you enjoy it here Welcome back, Kinnison
  12. theone

    What pet would you have?

    I hate dogs and the hate is mutual, from how much they chase me
  13. theone

    What pet would you have?

    My sister's too scared of reptiles to even think of letting me own one
  14. theone

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    Welcome nicktoons
  15. theone

    Stuff Happens (Non-fanart)

    Woah, that's just beautiful
  16. theone

    In an Aian Stupor ~ Kirroha's Aveyond Fanart

    They're all so cute
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    My Poetry

    Long time since I last posted here, might as well continue anyways Just something about Rhen after beating Ahriman:- Wandering through the lands Once the Quest is done. Rhen looks at her hands wondering if all was done. It had been a long fight, But at last, it was done. At the end, there was light, as all work was done. Looking around, she could not but wonder how many others could say they were done? But then it hit her like thunder, her part in this was not done
  18. theone

    My Poetry

    Since Amaranth said she's phasing out the Collegium, I've decided to put all of them here. Life as I see it: Death shall claim all that lives Even those that are rich. This life for all that lives is as small as a ditch. Do not be fooled by Hope. Some are born lucky, yes. It may seem hard to cope Those poor are sadder less. Money helps buy the way To success, happiness, love. They are happy today While we can't light a stove. Life is unfair always. You can't forget this fact. Whoever is rich, happy stays. Sad are who riches lack'd. Will all this change some day? Will the poor rise again? Will we have any say? Or will all the rich gain? Love: How'd I live without you in my life? I miss you and your memory Without you, life seems to be strife Wish I could be in your memory I would jump today into the sky If I could just see you, tonight I would watch arrows pass me by If you could come into my sight Rent my heart it did, watching you say Love doesn't exist, love doesn't exist All the time thinking if I may tell you exactly how I resist.... I would walk a million miles If you could be with me Your nose in a school file So when will you see that I love you? The Tail of the Raven: Remembering the past filled it with great pain The Raven looked around at its tail Looking through the window pane The cheese that to get it would fail Again and Again the Raven tried But something it remembered it every time Almost got in a pan and got fried And then slipped into lime The past, it could not forget Friends, he had but they stabbed in the back All the time, its mood was set Friends reminded what did he lack They annoyed him and taunted Finally he realised he had to leave As they wings, flaunted So he finally did leave It had been 2 weeks Life had been better He realised what one seeks Is peace or one becomes bitter Friends, he called them no more Left them forever he had As he saw a lion roar He did not become sad New friends, he had found, better than them Who were like him, not idol and dumb These new friends were like gems And not at all dumb This was his new life, he was glad he had Better than the one he had Your Face: Your face of spring reminds me Hair blowing in the fresh air Walking down the street, I see Your beauty so fair Music is the food of love Without it, all is then lost White and pure it is a dove Your love, with passion you accost Night: Tis a beautiful night I see a light so bright What is going on here? Does anyone even care? My life, it is going dark But then that light, that mark I am in delirium Ends the Millennium M.C and Ryo (No idea why) Once there was a brother and sister so happ they were frolicking together But one day there happy lives were torn When Kirro drew a poem that scorned their innocent relation was changed to couples And though we tried to stop the reprocussions This is just a poem to lighten the path To show the lies that Kirro has So believe what you must the truth is there Bro and sis of the year,M.C and Ryo forever Lydia and Edward: Once there was an Edward from Aia And then he was married to Lydia Cursing still the day he proposed A proposal that changed his life's road He wondered what if he had married Mel Why Oh Why had been so scared to tell That she was made for him and he for her. So he wants to ask you a favour Save Edward and don't marry him to Lydia He'll make you the ruler of all of Aia
  19. theone

    Introduce yourself (Reremade)

    Yeah, welcome back everyone
  20. theone

    Skyborn: Ryler's Story (updated 5/29/2013)

    First time I found it. Is there going to be any more? Seems great!
  21. theone

    Shiptime (Mel/Ed)

    That was cute and awesome
  22. theone

    Your views on a 3-D gun?

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/may/06/3-handgun-fired-cody-wilson Really raises huge problems for security, I think. You do not have to smuggle a gun anywhere, if there's one of these printers, just need a few bullets. It's a significant development. However, I just can't agree with any internet censorship either, so I'm undecided either way. Not mentioned in the article is that their's a case on its legality going on. So what's your view on it?
  23. theone

    Your views on a 3-D gun?

    What Sargon says is exactly the problem with this gun. While Federal Laws in US would require anyone printing this gun to insert a piece of metal, it's unlikely that any criminal would actually follow that law. This would make it dangerous, as metal detectors can not detect it, thus allowing a potentially harmful weapon into sensitive places, leading to loss of human life
  24. theone

    What pet would you have?

    I want a pet snake Weird, but if it's non-poisonous, what harm could it do in a cage?
  25. theone

    How does Amaranth survive?

    Aveyond's a pretty famous game, I'm sure Amaranth still sells Rhen's quest. I used to think she'd be super rich, but now I admire her for management. Amaranth ears the most at a single point, when a game is released. To manage that wealth for about 9-12 months min, until the next game must be hard