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  1. daeva_agas wrote:

    Hmm... seeing how Green Rock Temple was desolate and overrun with weeds even when Clearwater is still alive and running, looks like the people simply shifted religions.


    Which makes me wonder AGAIN what was up with the druids. They WERE important enough to warrant being targeted by Ahriman, so... whaddup? The Oracle said "Look, let me be in charge alone now so you won't be in danger", maybe? I mean, they're not just random priests serving some god. They have some kind of power/importance to be keepers of the Sword of Shadows!


    Maybe they were hidden away by the Oracle to prevent anything like this from happening again? And that they still have their powers and do their duties but in secret? The areas they were residing in changed when they disappeared, people felt at unease, etc, etc. So they can't just have up and vanished.


    Though that raises the question of why Rashnu didn't stop Gyendal, considering he was friendly enough with Teijal (Or was that in Kaz's story only?)

  2. On the Haurvatat issue, I think she wasn't worshipped in Sedona at all, was she? If I remember correctly, she was worshipped in the village south of there.


    The village didn't exactly have a huge amount of contact with Sedona, since they couldn't even get elixirs from there. And in the 3rd game, we didn't visit that village at all.


    That might explain Haurvatat's absence

  3. daeva_agas wrote:

    You know... a lot of these stuff don't actually have a deeper meaning beyond "Oops, we forgot that so-and-so happened in the previous game", so that technically throws a loop in speculation, buuut if we want to forcefully fill up the holes with random explanations....


    though I have yet to see another entity who could grant levels.


    You forgot the mysterious old lady that randomly showed up to give Stella levels when she had to do her test of purity or whatever up in the mountain in AV3. And the same random old lady gave Mel and Uma and Nox bonus levels in Demon Realm.


    I've wondered if all this is just the Oracle's doing. She doesn't interfere directly.


    Could be way off though

  4. Long time since I last posted here, might as well continue anyways :)


    Just something about Rhen after beating Ahriman:-


    Wandering through the lands

    Once the Quest is done.

    Rhen looks at her hands

    wondering if all was done.

    It had been a long fight,

    But at last, it was done.

    At the end, there was light,

    as all work was done.

    Looking around, she could not but wonder

    how many others could say they were done?

    But then it hit her like thunder,

    her part in this was not done

  5. What Sargon says is exactly the problem with this gun. While Federal Laws in US would require anyone printing this gun to insert a piece of metal, it's unlikely that any criminal would actually follow that law. This would make it dangerous, as metal detectors can not detect it, thus allowing a potentially harmful weapon into sensitive places, leading to loss of human life

  6. Aveyond's a pretty famous game, I'm sure Amaranth still sells Rhen's quest.


    I used to think she'd be super rich, but now I admire her for management. Amaranth ears the most at a single point, when a game is released. To manage that wealth for about 9-12 months min, until the next game must be hard

  7. yannes wrote:

    Really raises huge problems for security, I think. You do not have to smuggle a gun anywhere, if there's one of these printers, just need a few bullets. It's a significant development.


    While I do agree that there is a security issue, I don´t think it lies with the use of the printers. I doubt criminals or who ever else will just bring the bullets with them and make the gun with the printer at the place of the crime.


    One reason is that these printers are not widely available and won´t be for a while.

    second reason that printing a gun is not very subtle

    third reason because the gun cannot be detected anyway, so they actually take the same risk of being detected as when they would just carry the bullets


    True, but I was thinking about it more from a terrorism perspective. Assuming that an airport has one, and it is very likely that they will as this becomes more common, and an employee (And prospective terrorist) has access to it, it could be dangerous

  8. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/may/06/3-handgun-fired-cody-wilson


    Really raises huge problems for security, I think. You do not have to smuggle a gun anywhere, if there's one of these printers, just need a few bullets. It's a significant development.


    However, I just can't agree with any internet censorship either, so I'm undecided either way. Not mentioned in the article is that their's a case on its legality going on.


    So what's your view on it?

  9. Extremely fun game, and enjoyed every puzzle, every minigame, every battle. The ending was a bit sudden, but it was beautiful in it's own way. I loved the story line, Trux in his own way, was one of my favourites. Vellamik was extremely well written.


    Just one slight error. When Armegmus learns the technique to go the start of the dungeon, you can accidentally go way, way back. If you save, game over, because you can't go back to where you were.

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