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  1. Weird, US hasn't done anything in Chechenya, ever
  2. And there are people in US who think Iran should be bombed to death, or place XYZ should be bombed to death. The problem comes from the media, it spreads hateful propaganda to sell itself in every country. That is one big source of terrorism. Another would be the drones. Believe it or not, a/c to a recent survey, about 50 civilians are killed for 1 terrorist. Imagine that for hate, that creates terrorism Weird, US hasn't done anything in Chechenya, ever Merged posts. ~Mopiece
  3. Pakistani, and from all reports, it's actually a home-made bomb, made by someone IN the US. This, I'm getting, from the Daily Mail and ABC news
  4. Humans are definitely getting stupider http://i.imgur.com/FVTLZC0.png[/img]
  5. Installers. RAR files can cause havoc at times, I remember I had more than my share of problems with the Fantasia games
  6. I like Rags to riches the best, it makes you smile and feel good
  7. I want an invisibility cloak. See a lot of moral qualms in mind control and reading other's minds
  8. It's now begun. Come on to the festival, guys
  9. They might all seem different but later on in life, many merge together. Science and Maths will merge together if you ever try to major in Applied Physics. English and History merge together when you try to obtain knowledge of the history of the language. English does not apply to Maths as Maths has its own language. While it seems English, many Mathematical conditions are in Latin or Greek.
  10. theone


    I seem to have many phobias 1) Alto-phobia- I can't even look down from the third floor without feeling like I'm going to faint 2) Glossophobia- I can't talk to a large bunch of people without feeling scared. 3) Claustrophobia- I am scared of enclosed places.
  11. I asked them the question on Yahoo Answers, "How do you ask a Question on Yahoo Answers?"
  12. Trolling is fun. I do it all the time on Yahoo Answers, it's fun to see people answer how one can ask a question.
  13. This! I remember in one game that it was NOT mentioned that there can be stuff in barrels and other such objects. After being halfway through the game, I realised why I was having to spend a lot of money on items and armour, that too when my brother accidentally pressed the key when trying to take the computer from me
  14. I think he means which version. You know, KJV and all that
  15. I'd go vegetarian but stir fried mouse is just too delicious to give up, especially when topped with a cat's tail
  16. I found apple's patents, on which the case was based, to be ridiculous. Really, rounded corners are now an innovation that can't be copied?
  17. Could you live today without electricity, knowing you have to use lamps, or having the electricity being cut from a certain hour? Ans: Let's see, I lived without electricity for 8 straight hours yesterday and do so on a near daily basis thanks to our nice electric company Could you survive one year without the Internet,o r it is much less than a year? Yes
  18. 13th Moon would be the 6th month since there are two new moons a month!
  19. To be fair to Ean, Iya was not his girlfriend at the start of the game, only his best friend
  20. Get the important stuff done first. I wanted to replay Aveyond about half an year back. I didn't because I had exams, I had University applications to fill. Now, I'm done and have all the time in the world to replay them before Uni starts. Just take care of the important stuff before even thinking of doing it.
  21. I can't praise this enough. What an amazing series. Do continue
  22. Wait, if love is forever, why does no one see this love?
  23. I never said all love is lust, actually. I'm just saying that most is. On a related note, how does one differentiate between them?
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