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  1. I believe love has to be one of the most horrible things one can feel for another person. It wastes your time and energy. Often it is nothing but lust tempered with a few feelings and sprinkled with a few pangs of pain. Nothing I have seen suggests love is anything more than a passing feeling, soon to disappear. And it can have far reaching consequences. One could marry in love and regret it all his life. Also, no one I have seen has ever retained this love for more than a few years. Your thoughts?
  2. Remember that while you can talk to more girls over the internet, you can not get a new heart
  3. @d_a- You mentioned TTHW on the other page. It's good but, if I were to be completely honest, this is how it is Vance: Duchess, I'm going to insult you Duchess: I'm going to respond to the insult Vance: Little crude comment about her Duchess: Little comment about Vance Vance: I think I like her Duchess: Me too It's cute but if one goes by actual depth, it's not exactly the best in the world
  4. Both countries had the right technology 10 years. 10 years ago, whoever nuked once would have won and hatred was high then too. Because at that time, neither had a secondary response system. But now, both countries have up to 3 (I believe) responses. Meaning they can be annihilated but their nukes will survive and they can destroy the other population
  5. I'm not just taking the example of the US. Let's take Pakistan and India, 10 years ago, most people said that a normal war was more acceptable than nuking an entire country. Now the majority thinks, nuking is better
  6. I meant normal cruelty. @KTC- I agree to an extent but while we have stopped discriminating against gays, new stuff has come up. We're now willing to nuke entire countries (Polls)
  7. For some reason, people nowadays have become hedonistic and have starting committing atrocities against man's best friend. Their abstruse argument in favour of their heinous acts is that they have full right to do anything to an animal as they own it. To buttress their argument, they use psychological data from dubious sources to prove that humans have a natural want to gain pleasure. While their argument is far from incomprehensible, is it not insalubrious to have such hate for one's fellow beings? This is not limited only to animals, this cruelty, far from receding and diminishing, has increased substantially. This argument is no longer used just to justify cruelty to animals but also to support cruelty to one's fellow human beings. It is now ubiquitous. So what do you guys think, why are humans getting so evil. How has the decipherer of the genetic code, fallen so low into the abyss of hatred?
  8. theone

    My Poetry

    No comments, guys? Hopelessness: The graves of the dead, so full of glory Here lies some hero of olden times, dead The paths he thread, so glorious yet sorry Is he not but dead, his years filled with lead? All this time, whatever one does in life The way may be long or short and easy It may be fun or filled with lots of strife One will still end up at the grave, queasy
  9. I think people who participate should have it made clear to them that they are sure that other than unanticipated stuff, they are likely to have time and are not expected to be buried under school/work. That would be one thing that would help
  10. For me, the cash quests are no problem in TTHW since you always need cash. 25GP is valuable even at the end of the game. But in Aveyond, where you easily have in thousands of GP when items are about 20-50 GP, cash is useless as a reward
  11. Well, I don't participate in RP's but I've observed most of them here. More often than not, people wait for someone else who has real life issues to post. And by the time they get around to doing that, all interest among everyone is lost. To be honest, I think if you're participating in an RP, you should know whether you're busy or not. And I don't mean emergencies but events which you know have a huge chance of happening
  12. I actually think the reward should always be something you can't obtain normally. Even if it's slightly better than the weapons you'll have or the armour you'll have at that point, it would still be better to get original stuff instead of Gold or something you can buy. Which is why in Build B, the whole collect paper quest was fail since you could buy it. Why search then?
  13. I love side quests but only if the reward is worth it and the quest isn't absolutely ridiculous. Another thing I'd want in a side quest is that the reward be something you can't obtain otherwise and is stronger than what you should have at that point in the game. One type of side quest I hate would be the, go to 8 different places which you've been to before and have no reason to go back to and get scraps of items. This quest is great if we get it before going to the places
  14. I know it's not in Medieval times but the setting of the Old age here on Earth is the same as that of Aveyond, sans the magic and the demons. Plus, we haven't seen a single reference to it in the past 4 series so it would be weird to show it now, that too as something accepted by the people
  15. I'm starting to imagine Mel/Lydia. After fighting so long over Edward, they finally realise they like each other and were trying to impress each other xD I'm not really that sure about it needing to happen. After all, only 5% people are LGBT so you don't need to represent them in a game. Plus, Aveyond, as in the world, is set in Medieval times. That's a big no-no setting for a gay pairing. Also, we meet the oracle and she's the Goddess of Aveyond. Her stand on it would also be needed to be known.
  16. The pairings should be developed. I wouldn't mind if the person you, the main character, gets is fixed as long as there is competition. Regarding same gender pairings, I really wouldn't mind much but err... Fundamentalist Hate Mail? I liked the romance part best in Aveyond 3 but it still wasn't the best in the world. Obviously, the main focus was never romance but in my opinion, just buying stuff is never really a huge gesture. It's the conversations that help one decide who you like the PC to marry. These could be in-mission or in your house. Aveyond 2 had the weakest romance. I liked the story and concept. Even if they were elves and couldn't have human competition, it's not like they didn't visit an Elven village. Also, Iya fit in despite being an Elf while she was queen. SO obviously, it isn't that obvious. I really think Rye should have had a choice between Iya and Emma. That way, even the Eya pairing would have a choice. Aveyond 1 was more of a troll pairing than anything. I'm guessing the premise was redemption but the problem here was that you're supposed to repent a long time ago. If Daemon had repented in the middle of the game (Say, when they fight Agas) and then helped them, it wouldn't have seemed weird. But now, the sequence is: 1. Go to Ahriman 2. Daemon betrays you 3. He repents 4. You win 5. You marry him This part is weird because no one just marries someone like this. Now if it had gone like Lars had: 1. Be horrible 2. Repent 3. Show throughout that you've changed 4. Then Rhen goes with him and hopefully marries him See, this would make more sense. And that's all!
  17. Corrected for you! For Stella/Ed fans, that being canon was a moment that made the ending better
  18. But troll pairings can make the ending better. Case in point, Stella and Edward along with Mel and Lars the whatever. It made the ending much better
  19. I sort of get annoyed with Happily Ever after endings when they specifically use these words. No one has a happily ever after, ever. Mostly, I want the endings to actually be happy so that what you did mattered. And I want all the questions answered since it leaves a sense of dissatisfaction for me if everything is not known
  20. theone

    Edward's Diary

    It's been so long since I update, I wonder, is anyone even reading now? If so, I'll continue
  21. These are just beautiful and stunning, Lumen. You're an amazing artist
  22. theone

    My Poetry

    Some new poetry now (I actually think this change is nice, gets all my poems into one place, something I was aiming for xD) Honour Men fight over it Women crave for it None can define it All want it What is this honour? That people fight for Why is it so sour? Why do we want it for? Is there any point to it? Or is it a mindless instinct of man? Should we crave for it? Or let it be unused or ban
  23. I meant the last drawing by hand, d_a
  24. theone

    My Poetry

    Since Amaranth said she's phasing out the Collegium, I've decided to put all of them here. Life as I see it: Death shall claim all that lives Even those that are rich. This life for all that lives is as small as a ditch. Do not be fooled by Hope. Some are born lucky, yes. It may seem hard to cope Those poor are sadder less. Money helps buy the way To success, happiness, love. They are happy today While we can't light a stove. Life is unfair always. You can't forget this fact. Whoever is rich, happy stays. Sad are who riches lack'd. Will all this change some day? Will the poor rise again? Will we have any say? Or will all the rich gain? Love: How'd I live without you in my life? I miss you and your memory Without you, life seems to be strife Wish I could be in your memory I would jump today into the sky If I could just see you, tonight I would watch arrows pass me by If you could come into my sight Rent my heart it did, watching you say Love doesn't exist, love doesn't exist All the time thinking if I may tell you exactly how I resist.... I would walk a million miles If you could be with me Your nose in a school file So when will you see that I love you? The Tail of the Raven: Remembering the past filled it with great pain The Raven looked around at its tail Looking through the window pane The cheese that to get it would fail Again and Again the Raven tried But something it remembered it every time Almost got in a pan and got fried And then slipped into lime The past, it could not forget Friends, he had but they stabbed in the back All the time, its mood was set Friends reminded what did he lack They annoyed him and taunted Finally he realised he had to leave As they wings, flaunted So he finally did leave It had been 2 weeks Life had been better He realised what one seeks Is peace or one becomes bitter Friends, he called them no more Left them forever he had As he saw a lion roar He did not become sad New friends, he had found, better than them Who were like him, not idol and dumb These new friends were like gems And not at all dumb This was his new life, he was glad he had Better than the one he had Your Face: Your face of spring reminds me Hair blowing in the fresh air Walking down the street, I see Your beauty so fair Music is the food of love Without it, all is then lost White and pure it is a dove Your love, with passion you accost Night: Tis a beautiful night I see a light so bright What is going on here? Does anyone even care? My life, it is going dark But then that light, that mark I am in delirium Ends the Millennium M.C and Ryo (No idea why) Once there was a brother and sister so happ they were frolicking together But one day there happy lives were torn When Kirro drew a poem that scorned their innocent relation was changed to couples And though we tried to stop the reprocussions This is just a poem to lighten the path To show the lies that Kirro has So believe what you must the truth is there Bro and sis of the year,M.C and Ryo forever Lydia and Edward: Once there was an Edward from Aia And then he was married to Lydia Cursing still the day he proposed A proposal that changed his life's road He wondered what if he had married Mel Why Oh Why had been so scared to tell That she was made for him and he for her. So he wants to ask you a favour Save Edward and don't marry him to Lydia He'll make you the ruler of all of Aia
  25. The last one is actually pretty good. Very much like the original
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