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  1. Pederasty was different than homosexuality. See, one partner was an adult, the other was NOT. Plus, it wasn't based on love!
  2. theone

    The Agas Saga

    I'm not sure you're allowed to make your signature a billboard.
  3. Exactly, most of what we think is love is nothing more than someone playing with your feelings
  4. theone

    Dawn of Hope

    Sprites (Credits to sithjester) Franz http://i1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj578/theoneonAM/Franz/mamoruchiba.png[/img] Dattie http://i1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj578/theoneonAM/Franz/11sprite.png[/img] Kitkat http://i1268.photobucket.com/albums/jj578/theoneonAM/Franz/xmasgirl2.png[/img]
  5. For realistic purposes, the dog would have a smaller age, I've never heard of 13 year old dogs
  6. This is very interesting. And an awesome boss battle, seems challenging, I love it. I like the newer maps too. Looking forward to this
  7. Because it had been really long and I really like this anime xD
  8. I got a new set, finally. Though I'm sad I got rid of the last one, was so used to it
  9. He looks so cute. I'm very happy for you. What cheeks, makes me want to pull them through the screen, so cute
  10. Actually, we drive on the same side of the road as UK. But there's no chance of an accident since everything, i.e steering wheel, indicator, turnings, etc are in the opposite direction. And I disagree. The British are some of the nicest people you can meet. Always knowledgeable and smart. By the way, that can't be true. Why would Britishers use Ohio as an example when it's in the US?
  11. About 'French fries'... makes my ears cringe every time. Fries aren't a French invention, but a Belgian one. T.T So hontesly, chips is a much better word than french fries. Well, chips is the original word. Even now in most countries, besides the US, it's called fries, not french fries. Not that I care, I'm neither French nor Belgian xD
  12. Looks like Sargon's put a password on his site!
  13. Sincerely doubt that otherwise the British would hate the entire world
  14. Lols, I'm not blaming anyone. I'm just saying that it's the reason many Britishers dislike Americans
  15. @princessbinas- With good reason. Americans took English and changed it completely. And English is the only thing the British are very proud of.
  16. I'm one of those who can't stand a lot of bad grammar. Little mistakes, we all make but if at any time, the errors make me feel the game maker can do better but isn't, it ticks me off. Also, the maps should be good and not overly large with nothing in it. They should also not be very small. Random Battles are a huge no-no. Unless the story line is awesome and I can save at any point. Case in point, Everlong and Three the Hard Way. Games I can stand random battles in because of the story Additionally, I like there being many side quest options Also, I really like it if the game has non-default menus, graphics and features
  17. One comment and one question First of all, brilliant story. I love your work Question. Is the prophecy prologue before Chapter 1? As in, in the timeline
  18. I think I know you..... Must be a coincidence but you don't live in Dubai, right?
  19. Chapter 6 Chapter 6: Explanation “Assassinate the duke-” muttered the trio in complete shock. “But surely that’s impossible. Not to mention that we’d be jailed or worse.” “It is within,” continued the duke, “your abilities. I know what happened in your fight against the bandits a few miles outside of town. All three of you are skilled either in the arts of magic or of swordplay. You can gain much better training in Duke Abel’s half of Somerset. With the hardships you’ll face and the teachers you will meet, I have no doubt you can succeed.” “It’s not about whether we can succeed but about why we’d do it for you at all. All these toll taxes,” said Mary, “do not make me happy.” Franz looked bewildered and said, “What do you mean? He is the duke and we should obey him.” Mary smiled. Her cousin was such an idiot sometimes. Oh wait, he always was. She replied, “And that means we should blindly obey him and go kill another duke!” The duke had never met anyone who had questioned his judgment before. He said,” The kingdom is in danger like I said. The demons of Guze mean anything to you. The world would be engulfed in darkness.” Mary laughed, “You know, I’d survive a disaster like that with my powers. I don’t trust you. Even though I’m well off financially, I’d like money in advance to prove that you’re not just sacrificing us.” The duke said, “Deal!” Mary and her friends nodded. Rachael who had been awfully quite up till then asked the important question, “How do we get there?” The duke laughed and said, “I’ll explain that over dinner.” Incredulous, Mary found her voice and said, “We will eat here?” The duke used to this laughed once more, something that was starting to annoy Mary and said, ”Of course. It would be rude otherwise.” So it was that the trio would have lunch with the Duke of Somerset.
  20. I don't think the language matters much. The little offensive language is of a mild nature
  21. Ok, just visited the site. They shut it down completely which I didn't know so you're right (I thought they'd only block it in the U.S)
  22. Actually, this says it'll be back in February http://www.techspot.com/news/47103-roundup-pipa-collapses-sopa-hearing-to-resume-in-february.html
  23. Back again after a long break because the computer I had this backed up on broke down. The guy I called to fix it said it would destroy the memory of the harddisk. But I managed to fix it myself xD Just a little problem with the motherboard's graphic board which wasn't letting it display anything as output And all your points are noted and appreciated Also, they're unique in that Dattie knows offensive magic. However, unbeknownst to her, this magic contains the Elements of the Gods. Kitkat is very rare since she knows shielding and healing along with a very useful [d]plot device[/d], I mean spell And here's where the story starts for real Chapter 5 Chapter 5: Trapped Mary opened her eyes. She seemed to be in a prison. She could not move her feet as she was tied up. If there could be a worse situation in the world, Mary could not think of it. There was movement outside and the gates opened. She was unceremoniously dragged outside. As the doors of the dungeon opened, it was almost like she had been taken to another world. The carpets were made of silk and were soft to the touch. Being dragged across them was more comfortable than rolling over in bed, it was that comfortable. However, it did not relieve the tension. In an instant, the ropes were removed and she found herself before the throne next to Franz and Rachael. The duke was in front of her. He looked calm and composed and even had a smirk on his dark face. Surveying his prisoners, he said, “I do apologise for bringing you here like this but it is a matter of utmost importance. Only you three are qualified enough for the job in hand.” Hours bound in a prison made even Franz mad enough to scream, “You have thousands of guards. For what conceivable reason could you delude yourself into thinking only we can help you?” The duke looked shocked at such blatant rudeness but replied gracefully, “It is a job which would disgrace me publically if my guards were caught. Seeing the trio ready to retort, he said, “If you listen through, you will realise why it is of utmost importance to the kingdom.” The trio looked at the duke and much to his relief nodded. “Let me begin. As you know, three years ago, I initiated the war.” “Yes,” he added seeing Mary ready to interrupt, “that it why we have these taxes and it is my fault. However, I believe you shall forgive me when you hear my reasons for the war. You see Duke Abel has been collecting a number of powerful mages for some time now. It made me suspicious and my intelligence confirmed that the mages were preparing a dark spell called Incultum Refacto. Three years ago, they completed it. As soon as I received this knowledge, I attacked killing all the mages but one before they could complete the ritual. However, Duke Abel still has the necessary scroll and knowing how weak my army is, he could use the spell.” Mary knew what the spell was. It was the most famous spell, yet no one had ever figured out the incomplete ritual. To think that such a thing could have been kept secret was mind boggling. She said, “But isn’t this the spell that opens the demon portal.” The Duke nodded and said, “Indeed, the demon portal has been opened. But, because we stopped the spell, only the elite demons are free. If the rest are freed, they will all obey the Duke Abel who was the controlling mage. If he opens the portal somehow, he will be in control of all the demons. We must kill that before that happens because if we are late, then not only will he be near impossible to kill with all the demons protecting him but the demons will be free, free to serve the Darkness of old.” “So you see why it is so important that you help me. I need you. A small group would be best. It would be easy enough to sneak in and you’re not well known at all. That means no one will identify you. Enter the castle and assassinate the duke….”
  24. The postponement of the bill is a clever tactic, in my opinion. If the public forgets, it gives a perfect way to introduce laws. Also, there is no reason for pharmaceuticals to agree except one. That would be to shut down Alternate Sites. If this bill is passed, I believe even AM can be shut down on the grounds of the Music thread. @KTC- You could always use proxies if that happens xD
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