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  1. What is the name of the spell?
  2. If you have downloaded it from Amaranth, reflexive or bigfish, there is no virus. You can try to disconnect from the internet, switch of the virus program and then install. After that turn the virus program on again
  3. Thanks, this method is working fine and with Stella using revive, I am getting a lot of gold as well
  4. Lars decides to help Rhen with her quest. And Rhen defeats Ahriman. But then Lars turns evil. Before Rhen can use the sword of shadows on Ahriman, he takes all his powers and uses his powers to kill Pirate John and Mad Marge when no one is looking. He then tells everyone that Ahriman killed them. But he has an evil plan. He wants to kill the oracle but before killing her wants to absorb her powers and then rule the world. But he knows he has no hope against her alons. So he devises a plan in which he will take the love potion from Elinis bag and pour it on Elini, Rhen and Teijal and using their powers combined with his, he will kill the oracle and be the supreme ruler of the world
  5. I've already ended the game once from this point but I felt the equipment would be useful in GON and so would the extra experience. I have given the eyedrops to Eston and now only have to go to the Ice Castle to kile Heptitus. But will the undead amulets help?
  6. Can someone tell me what level I should be to fight the monsters in the catacombs. I was trying to collect the pages of some relatives as a side quest for the guy in Harburg and I realized that the chests have superior armour and weapons than anywhere other than Gedahre. The Grim reapers cast first and kill me with death. I am level 18 and have all the latest equipment from Harburg?
  7. theone

    Edward's Diary

    You are right. I'll be sure to put more feeling in my next entry which will be my last before GON is released
  8. theone

    Edward's Diary

    DAY 2 OF ADVENTURE Dear diary, Today we entered Istir Forest. It was a good thing we just had to go at it's borders and we were all relieved when it ended in an hour. The place is so cold. And it is all my fault. I knew the way to Naylith, I should atleast have brought some clothes. Today, Stella finally learned Heal, which heals and helps a lot. It came very useful after a harpy attacked Mel from behind. She was grieviously injured and Stella healed her. She also healed me from the many minor injuries I had. Our store of covey balms were fast depleting when we came to the Dwarven town of Gheledon. After yesterday, today's warm bed is looking very inviting. Today, we did the shopping together as last time we felt Stella had little magic and bought only 5 covey balms. Now, we are going to buy many. We will also enter the dwarf mines to get a pickaxe for a dwarwen miner who lost it when he ran from a poltegriest. I do not believe in ghosts but if this story is true, we might die tomorrow. Mel learned climbing from the local spy agency and we can go to the mines tomorrow and then on to Naylith. At the end of the day, we went to the store and bought a level egg and used it. We also bought supplies and better armour for me and a better knife for Mel. We didn't buy anything for Stells. Hopefully, we'll find some armour for her in a chest or something. Well, about yesterday's plans, I put a rat on Mel's face and woke her up. She didn't even scream. I was shocked but, oh well, next time I'll put a wolf's corpse then she'll be shocked. Now the warm bed is calling and I am now feeling very sleepy. Bye
  9. theone

    Edward's Diary

    ADVENTURE DAY 1 Dear Diary, Today is the first day of our adventure, if you can call it that. Now you must be thinking, what is the adventure about and yesterday, you were talking about Mel and Stella? Well even I don't know what the adventure is about but I will tell you how it came about Early morning, I saw Mel and Stella creeping out of Thais. I was shocked because Mel never left the city. I followed them out and heard them about an adventure. So, naturally I asked if I could accompany them. They agreed after Stella forced Mel to agree. She actually thought they could get to Naylith without my help. I also know they are lying. The only way to Naylith is to fly and the civilization is of butterfly people. They actuallt told me Stella was a Naylithian. I mean, do they think I was born yesterday? But they themselves know little about Naylith. She then tried to frighten me with vampires but everyone knows they don't exist. So the only thing I know is that the adventure is to go to Naylith. I told them to come with me to Thais to buy supplies and inform my parents and Gray about their departure. I am a prince and although I hate it a lot, I need to respect my parents and inform them of my departure. Or else they will send soldiers to kill Mel and Stella. The girl, Mel, is really dumb. She finds it hard to kill wolves. How did she expect to kill the harpies that come on the way to Naylith. She also did not want to inform Gray of our departure. She didn't even realize that this could cause a war. She is dumb but cute. Anyways, my father gave me Excalibur the most powerful sword and told me how to put gems and all in it so that it could become more powerful. With the money, I had we bought shields and helmets. Stella looked funny in a helmet and she became very clumsy so we did not buy one for her. With the leftover money, we bought haunches. So we fought the wolves and found that Stella is a white mage and she has started to recover her ability. She can make wolves sleep but other than that she is weak. We have now reached the edge of Brightwood forest and are going to enter Istir forest tomorrow. I am navigating the party by telling them where to go as guesses but they always follow me. Without me, they would be going to Harburg. Then we made camp and guess what? They don't even know how to cook. Mel ate the haunches raw but Stella and I cooked (ok burned) the haunches but at least they were not raw. And now my stomach is rumbling and I want to be prince again. At least, we had good food. When I go back, I am going to start a kitchen for the poor people so they can eat some good food. But I thought all girls know to cook. Stella has lost her memory, but how can a chicken farmer not know how to cook. It will be one of life's greatest mysteries. Afterwards, me and Mel had a bet that if vampires exist and she shows me one, I will be her slave. But if I win, she will eat a rat. For some reason, she doesn't mind eating a rat. I am sure she is trying to make me change the bet. But I won't. Well, I have to sleep now because my watch is over and I am not going to let Mel sleep on hers. I think I will wake her up by putting bugs on her pillow and blanket. Then she will scream and I can have a good laugh. Bye
  10. How about us being the evil characters and taking over the world
  11. I fell down my chair laughing. This is too good.
  12. theone

    Edward's Diary

    Will be longer this time. I am editing my earlier entry and making it longer 6 Months Later Dear diary, Today the only person to actually befriend me for who I am and not because I was a prince, Mel, found the truth and is threatening to break our friendship. Turns out she hates nobles. But I should tell you the detail. Father held a ball today in which only nobles were invited. The whole day was spent in preparations for the ball and school.Well the day was fairly eventful even before the evening. I learnt that my parents were going to retire after my schooling and then I had to pass some trials. Then, my prison will be complete and I will stay in Thais forever. Now, you must think how Mel turned up. Gray gave her a task to find a spy. Well, she saw me in father's study and said, "You are the spy". She then took out her knife. Lydia came and called me prince and stopped her from killing me. I sent her away but the damage was done (Well, in a way it was between death and broken friendship). I took her to the balcony and calmed her down. But she still was breaking our friendship when a beautiful shooting star came. It landed near the ruins and after a bit of fighting she agreed to go with me. It was the first time I saw her in noble clothes. The clothes were given to her by Gray and she looked so beautiful. But I am sad as tomorrow might be our last day of friendship. I am praying for a miracle that will seal our friendship. Well I am going to prepare supplies as we will have to battle wolves on the way Bye THE TRIP AND STELLA Dear Diary, Today, Mel and I went to the ruins. On the way the wolves we met were unfortunate. I cut them with my sword and Mel stabbed them with her knife and we suffered no damage. On the way to the ruins, we went to Chateau Lenore and there we agreed to deliver wine to Lord Burnaby. Well, Mel agreed in exchange for money. After this short trip we went to the ruins. There, I found that Mel was not all good on the inside but despite this I feel she is selfish. Well, now to tell you what happened that changed my mind. We found a girl fainted on the floor. Mel told me to leave her alone and that she is sleeping. I woke her up and found her bone was broken. I offered to take her to Thais and she accepted. But Mel, she became angry and decided to explore the ruins on her own. We went to Thais and the healers haled her. Mel found her ring and it said her name is Stella. She remembers nothing except that she fell. She says she fell from the sky. How can someone be so naive. Then I went home and had a fifty dish meal for dinner. Today, the choice was limited as ten of the chefs were sick and instead of the hundred meals, we had fifty. After the meal we distributed the leftover to a charity. Then I came up to record the day. The day proved that God exists and he heard my prayer I am going to sleep. Bye
  13. Dear diary, Today, when I was studying for my trials in swordsmanship, a weird girl came. Her name is Mel and she said some one named Teijal sent her here. Whoever this Teijal is, I want to know her because she scared the hell out of the headmaster. Well, she wasnt a mage or a fighter so I suggested Gray's Group. He trains spies and as this girl looked like a thief (she says shes a farmer), I felt she'd fit in. On the way, to class, I talked to her and found her fun loving. I invited her to the tavern so that she could befriend the school. Then she was given a job by Gray. I bumped into her outside the tavern and offered to help her.She said No. Well,She did not seem bright so I decided to help her get the statue she needed. I knew how to because Gray gave the same task to every student and well because I am prince. As I expected she tried to break down the locked door and I prodded her to the open window. She declined further help. Well the puzzle on the 2nd floor had to be done by 2 people so I followed her. I helped her by pulling the switch after the trick tile. Then I left as it was late and mom would worry. And guess what she is new so she doesnt know I am a prince. I have to go. Bye
  14. Pirate John and the pirates are a bit north of the mainlands.Check the islands north of southern isle
  15. How about a lot more side quests??? And people changing there conversation at times bcoz sometimes people say the same things till the game ends Eg.. In Av1 Rhens teacher says the same line even after graduation
  16. You have to get the bottle and capture the northwind in the white pass. U get smelly shoes for moving the troll and getting the smelly shoes. If you give the wind to the wind scientist near the squirell city u get a great offensive spell for gavin next only to Iya's phoenix sphere spells. The shoes are mostly useless because by the time u get them u can handle all the areas. taking the spell and getting gavin is better unless u have nicholas
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