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  1. anyone knows which city gives you the venison stew recipe? I lost the recipe and can't find the person who gave it to me.
  2. The harburg lady is for charm powder. Note that im only talking about experimental recipes, the ones that is not in the recipe book unless you made it and tried it. Truth serum sounds cool , I'm guessing its the 1 for Hercules.
  3. Anyone care to share any hints or clues to any of these experimental recipes?? Or at least tell me how many there are All i know of is: 1) Venison Stew 2) Charm Powder 3) Strong Beast Repellent? (FAQ wrote something about it but im not so sure if it exist) 4) Quicksilver (I have no idea what the recipe is but lots of you have it for some reason) There's also 1 for getting back on hercules, but I'm not sure what the recipe are. Any hints ppl?
  4. thnx, i went through the entire map again and found i missed some item shops =)
  5. I need some clarification on june's skills. To get June's cert, she needs to master 3 skills. Are those 3 skills LVL1 Poison Ivy, LVL5 B'day surprise and LVL5 Fireworks. Or is there another skill that i need to get LVL5.
  6. Good walkthrough, though it only contains walkthrough for the main quests. Alot (lots and lots) of side quest not included which is kind of a bummer. But gd work niways
  7. I think we all know already the game is quite short, but it would be much better if we could even manage to obtain 1 or 2 quarter keys, that way it'll be equal to the price we pay. But importantly, I think the storyline is getting worst every game. I fell in love with Ave1 and somewhat Ave2, but not in LoT. The major thing is the storyline is already lacking in humour, which Ave1 was rich with. On the bright side, the intro was good, good layout for newbies. But the best and original intro still goes to Ave1, I hope the intro's can be as original as Ave1 because that intro was unforgettable, unlike ave2 or LoT. Graphics and audio definitely went up a slight notch. No complaints for that but of best compliments. So as above, you can see i loved Rhen's Quest the most because it was the most original. So I hope amanda would go back and get some ideas from the 1st episode. PS: If I recall correctly, there used to be drawers that we can open and collect items. Where did it go? I would rather have money be stored in the drawer rather than just lying on the floor of inns and houses.
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