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  1. How come Ryva in Tar Varden didn't give me a golden frog??? I found her bracelet, but I think she gave me some money?
  2. What was the date that The Lost Orb came out???
  3. Plimus won't let me buy the game...they say I had a chargeback 146 days ago - The Lost Orb...I don't get it - I played that game the day it came out and have played it several times and still have access to it. I never asked for a chargeback. Now I ca't play this new game - does anyone know away around stupid Plimus??? aislingyngaio: Merged topics. Please do not open multiple topics about the same subject unless your previous topic was locked
  4. I never have bought any games in any other forum...the Aveyond series is the only ones I've ever bought and I have played them all so I have never asked for a refund of any kind...so frustrated. I really want to play. I did send an email to the plimus people, but I will send one to amaranth too. Thanks.
  5. why won't it let me buy the game? It tells me I have a previous chargeback, which I don't know what that is? I've never disputed a charge...can someone help me...I've played the who series and really want to play this game.
  6. What is the love potion used for? I never got a quest for this?
  7. How do you get into the treasure chests in the princess's castle in Tyobi?
  8. Rat isn't there...I think he's still in the jail in Peliad. I did the baby quest, but never got thrown into jail...does that make a difference?
  9. I have triggered the Golden Frog quest, but when I go to the guy in Tyobi, I can't pick it up, it just says I see a Golden Frog. I also can't pick up the bust? And I have never triggered the bust quest. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Is there any quest associated with the Golden Fish in Ashea's tomb?
  11. Thanks! Can't beat him until I level up anyway!!!
  12. Okay - I'm at the cave in Stonehill Caves...I've Spook has changed...it the ending of the game? Should I go finish my other quests first?
  13. I have seent he Golden Frog many times and now I can't find it...does it go away when you trigger the baby trade quest?
  14. I used one and it only took me back so an entrance I had just exited.
  15. I am so lost in these dumb worm caves...I just keep going in circles...have been here for over an hour and am so frustrated...does anyone know where I can get a map or give me some clues on how to get out. I have all the shields so I don't want to start over. HELP!
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