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  1. How come Ryva in Tar Varden didn't give me a golden frog??? I found her bracelet, but I think she gave me some money?
  2. What was the date that The Lost Orb came out???
  3. Plimus won't let me buy the game...they say I had a chargeback 146 days ago - The Lost Orb...I don't get it - I played that game the day it came out and have played it several times and still have access to it. I never asked for a chargeback. Now I ca't play this new game - does anyone know away around stupid Plimus??? aislingyngaio: Merged topics. Please do not open multiple topics about the same subject unless your previous topic was locked
  4. I never have bought any games in any other forum...the Aveyond series is the only ones I've ever bought and I have played them all so I have never asked for a refund of any kind...so frustrated. I really want to play. I did send an email to the plimus people, but I will send one to amaranth too. Thanks.
  5. why won't it let me buy the game? It tells me I have a previous chargeback, which I don't know what that is? I've never disputed a charge...can someone help me...I've played the who series and really want to play this game.
  6. What is the love potion used for? I never got a quest for this?
  7. How do you get into the treasure chests in the princess's castle in Tyobi?
  8. Rat isn't there...I think he's still in the jail in Peliad. I did the baby quest, but never got thrown into jail...does that make a difference?
  9. I have triggered the Golden Frog quest, but when I go to the guy in Tyobi, I can't pick it up, it just says I see a Golden Frog. I also can't pick up the bust? And I have never triggered the bust quest. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Is there any quest associated with the Golden Fish in Ashea's tomb?
  11. Thanks! Can't beat him until I level up anyway!!!
  12. Okay - I'm at the cave in Stonehill Caves...I've Spook has changed...it the ending of the game? Should I go finish my other quests first?
  13. I have seent he Golden Frog many times and now I can't find it...does it go away when you trigger the baby trade quest?
  14. I used one and it only took me back so an entrance I had just exited.
  15. I am so lost in these dumb worm caves...I just keep going in circles...have been here for over an hour and am so frustrated...does anyone know where I can get a map or give me some clues on how to get out. I have all the shields so I don't want to start over. HELP!
  16. Do these items have a purpose? Any medicinal value?
  17. Is is from the blacksmith after you get him his shields? Are any of the shields in those chests?
  18. I have come across many chests that I can't open = says I need a lever...where do you find the lever?
  19. I've been there once, but can't seem to find it again...HELP!
  20. I went to the castle, the man there won't let me in? When I first started the game it told me to get some rest...I assume that means I need to get into my apartment??? HELP!
  21. My apartment door is locked...I found the for rent sign on another apartment and went to Rembrant, but he just says he rents the apartments and doesn't give me a key?
  22. oooohhhhhh...I guess I'll have to play again...maybe in a month or so...gotta get some work done! Thanks for all you're help...much appreciated.
  23. Okay, I completed every quest this time around...except I forgot to collect the $$$ from Fedor, the winery owner. Very fun! I like the Mel/Edward ending much better. Kind of wish they had shown their wedding...maybe it will be in the next chapter. I still didn't get to go into that room....
  24. I picked up his remains...no shoes? What do the shoes do?
  25. I can't find the darn shoes...I've killed the giant in the cave and broke the orb, but no shoes...and no sapphires.
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