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  1. TYSVM , can we riot for a dash option & defend?? lol, Just kidding, TYVM again, Kas
  2. Hi, is there no way to dash in this game ( walk faster) also how do I defend in battle? I'm getting older so forgive me if I'm missing something but as a player of these types of games for years, this is driving me nuts. Thank you in advance & happy gaming, Kas
  3. This topic fascinates me. I dream in vivid color like watching an HD movie. The thing is; I cannot draw and it is rare I watch T.V. I am an avid reader though and have been for many years. I have dreams that are so real to me that I wake up and it takes me some time to realize it was just a dream. My family, friends,even strangers I encountered will show up. What confuses me and is a great source of entertainment for my family; when perfect strangers are in my dreams. Yet in that dream I seem to know them well?? I wake up going "HUH" LOL Maybe it's just because I read so much & create the characters in my mind?? Great Topic Thanks!, Kas ETA: I did not describe a specific dream because this happens almost every night...
  4. First let me say I adore the Aveyond series! My problem with the chapters is the simple fact that I finished the 1st time in 2 days ( my time not game time). That was with talking to everyone & completing all side quests. ( eg. found the goodie caves too) I was just into the groove of the game when it suddenly ended. In conclusion. I am on the fence about the chapter idea....I would have liked for this to be longer & then would gladly pay for what I call " expansion packs" No matter I will support these type of games & the developers until my last breath..... Loves RPG's, Kas :0
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