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  1. I have 6 attraction points for Boyle, yet I cannot buy the potion in Ulrock. Why is that?
  2. Thanks! And just to be completely sure... My saves won't be deleted?
  3. I have this problem too. How do I fix the glitch? Do I need to download the game again?
  4. Thank you! It seems like I've missed quite a few side quests. Oh well. I might as well start over
  5. There are two small islands that I know of with respectively a red and a blue lock. Is it in any way possible to open these? (I completed the game and still I wonder about the purpose of them...)
  6. I've found all of the priestesses but can't find Aveyond. Can anybody help?
  7. Yes, that's the one! Thank you and merry Christmas!
  8. Where can I find Rodney for the new preserves quest?
  9. I'm using internet explorer. It is just strange because I can download all of the other games with no problems at all but this just doesn't work! I do not know what the problem might be...
  10. I can't download Rhen's Quest. It says that the server is too busy or something. What do I do? I really want to try build c!
  11. I was just wondering... How do I make Spook join the party?
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