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  1. Well, glad it worked. Enjoy the rest of the game!
  2. Just to make sure, you redownloaded and reinstalled the game, right?
  3. Gingernut Forest. Search the northwestern part. Silverspring Wetlands. You'll need the resize potion to enter at night. Cheese.
  4. Head to the trade port just west of Halaina (looks like a small island) to travel back to Tor.
  5. You need to step on a switch in one of the lower caves there. It's square in shape and since it is the same colour as the ground, it can be quite easy to miss.
  6. Well, the mist portals are there to make travelling easier. Enter the one outside Tor. Then head to the Windshire portal just to the north. Once there, take the ferry to Whisper Woods.
  7. You can get access to that door later on when you complete the night watch tasks. As for the ledger, you'll be able to pick it up after you finish a certain quest for the mayor.
  8. Don't worry, you won't. Your saves will be safe
  9. It's just behind the inn. If you walk north from the inn, up some stairs and through the doorway, you'll come across the Crete Street sign board.
  10. That's a glitch but it has been fixed. Just download and install the latest version.
  11. The recipe is at the kobold camp in the Dragon Wastelands.
  12. You can get back to Tor from the trade port. It's to the west of Halaina (looks like a tiny island). If you can't board the ship yet, that means you still have to complete a quest for the king.
  13. You can find it in Silverspring Wetlands. Collect all 5 leaves to form the hot spice.
  14. Head to the trade port just west of Halaina. It looks like a litte island.
  15. The book in the house should hint at the cards needed.
  16. Once you complete a certain quest for the mayor of Tor, you'll be able to pick up the ledger.
  17. You don't have to purchase it now, it'll be useful later on.
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