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    UntoldReveries reacted to DarkShadowsAbove in Things I wish I'd known before I started playing   
    I tend to find the "Wish I'd known" posts for games quite helpful as a general rule, so I figured I'd start one for AV4.
    1. The majority of your time will be spent travelling and there are no accessories to increase your walking speed. *sadness*
    2. Fruit drinks (apple, grape, and pineapple) and the super carrot permanently increase various aspects for all party members, so save them until you get everybody. Also, the Priestess Collection quest increases stats for the whole party, so while finding them all can be done at any time, wait to turn in the quest until you have everyone (or even when you turn in Boyle's Bad Luck to save yourself an extra trip.) [Thanks to HunterReese for mentioning the quest]
    3. Similarly, level eggs are best used after you have a full roster, though don't worry about the power yams around Delamere because Rowen automatically eats them all and you can't get there without her.
    4. The vampire doll in Windshire can be given to someone in Wyrmwood, which starts a chain of doll trading ending in a pretty awesome accessory for Myst. This doesn't appear in your journal, but it's worth doing.
    5. Single target multi-hit spells/skills will randomly target other enemies if the initial target dies during the spell/skill.
    6. Rowen needs to be taken to the elder oak in Briar Woods to gain sword singer skills from the golden statues. Similarly,
    7. Pay attention when someone says they are the greatest or have the best, they usually do. If they suggest that they need something to create it, make sure to get those items for them.
    8. There are more Cheekis in the game than are required to buy all of the upgrades, but not by much.
    9. Attraction points are easy to get accidentally and missing one (or giving it to the wrong person) will prevent Ingrid from being able to buy the love potion recipe for that character. Additionally, completing a quest or action that will get you an attraction point with only Boyle in your party will automatically give that attraction point to Boyle rather than giving you the option to get it for someone else and give it to them later.
     10. Circles in the water allow Ingrid to turn Boyle into a frog to search them. She can also turn Myst into a snake to search cracks in the walls.
    11. Demons you fight with Phye always drop good equipment, but the drops can be very hard to see. Luckily, the drops stay even after you leave the area.
    12. New party members will start at much lower levels than your current ones, but they tend to catch up rather quickly. Party members in reserve still gain xp and levels despite not being shown in dialog bubbles at the end of combat.
    That's all I can think of at the moment. Feel free to add to the list with things you wish you'd known.
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    UntoldReveries got a reaction from charmed19 in Kobold Camp investigation   
    You need to step on a switch in one of the lower caves there. It's square in shape and since it is the same colour as the ground, it can be quite easy to miss.
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    UntoldReveries reacted to bryan_pasa in Post your reviews here!   
    Oh my Goodness, that was FANTABULOUS!
    I'll get some of my peeves away: Some areas lag a bit (e.g. Dragon Wasteland, Shadow Isles) probably because my laptop sucks :giggles: ... and forgetting about Rowen being a sword singer (I wish there was a quest regarding Briar Woods that I could have actually noticed sword singing. It was very late when I realized it . ) ... and Hi'Beru's other books not really being beneficial? Outside of that, it's GREAT.
    It probably had the BEST Aveyond-shattering moments ever... and some of the most backwoods techniques in battle BECAUSE It's the HARDEST Aveyond Fight-Wise yet. This is like the first Aveyond I've lost money, I've been needing Cassia Leaves so hard, I can't stock up on restoratives, I needed to be liberal with my items. I couldn't even buy those cute cheekis! ;___;
    I love the CHALLENGE, and I love how their fighting styles really changed the game in a good way. Before, I can just casually kill these and that, because I have a really high level, but here... wow. I got kind of curbstomped.
    Some of my favorite strategies include:
    - Hiberu + Myst Soothe-Restore galore <3
    - Rowen + Hiberu in Dream Realm where I spent all my time in that Riley dream sequence just using Rowen's GADGETS to ~STEAL~ money because I am running REALLY REALLY LOW, and I made like 5000. I just kept on restoring Hi'Beru, and Rowen kept stealing... and it doesn't end until everything's danger bombed <3. At least I kinda survived there.
    - Ingrid's late game coven Curse of Life / Curse of Death <3. I'm so happy Curse of Life is so effective at last, even during the battle with Hercules <3.
    Also, I love the fact that NO ONE was EVER LEFT OUT OF PARTY. I didn't have that sort of ~DREAM TEAM~ thing like
    AV1: Rhen, Lars, Elini & Te'ijal
    AV2: Iya, Ean, Rye & Nicolas
    AV3-1: Mel, Edward, Stella, Te'ijal
    AV3-2: Mel, Edward, Stella, Te'ijal
    AV3-3: Mel, Edward, June, Yvette
    AV3-4: Mel, Edward, Stella, Galahad.
    Everyone had their time to shine, and it's something I really like, because I get attached to these characters, and is squealing to buy their new armor, find their suitor, build their own lives like <3.
    How I used them in fights:
    Boyle: (Start to End-Final Battle) Dark Triumph <3 Devastate, I didn't really use because it took up too much SPs. His Darkness thing is UNIQUE and so cool that he builds up SP through attacking <3. He is good.
    Myst: (Early Game & Late Game-Final Battle) Myst's soothe is godly during the early game. I basically survived thanks to Myst's soothe, and it's like Boyle/Myst at first sounded like the ~simple life~ and it gets complicated for me as the party continues to grow. It's really hard because monsters get harder and harder as well. Myst fell off the mid game because others had more advantageous powers at that time... but once she got those legendary claws, wow... Myst shot back up again. I also needed another healer for Hi'Beru and it's Myst. She also had the swipe <3.
    Ingrid: (Early Game-Mid Game & Final Battle) Ingrid has some really cool early/mid survivability because of high HP... but she kinda fell off because I did not yet join covens, and I found others much more capable... but her skills singlehandedly turned the tides with my final battles. Curse of Life <3 Lorelai <3.
    Robin: (Early Game-Late Game/Sporadically) Robin is such an enigma in battle. Like he's so good to be teamed up, and I think Robin's synergy with the others really helped make much more variety in battles. I love him being a test subject, righteous raging, protecting and all those things! It really made sense to switch it up for different areas / for different number of enemies. I think, without that, I'd probably have a true dream team for the game. 
    Hi'Beru: (Late Game-Final Battle) I really did not end up using Hi'Beru... I was more of Rowen during the mid game... but Hi'Beru's skills are too good to pass up -- like he's survivability. I needed Hi'Beru more than ever during the late game. It gets a bit too hard, and I just could not rely on Myst alone.
    Rowen: (Mid Game-Late Game) I did not get to be a sword singer until the very late, but Rowen's gadgets make all the difference <3 It's so GOOD. I love that she had everything in her kit even if she's not even yet a sword singer. A party heal? Dun. A net STUN? Dun. A STEALING ACTUAL MONEY thingy? Dun. A danger bomb? Dun. It's so good <3 I didn't even need the sword singing... but I needed more reliable healing during the end so yeah :[
    Phye: (Late Game) Phye's TARGET ALL <3. I love it. It's just I was with him through it all, but I needed more healers at the end, soooo he got kicked out of the party by the end. I loved his demon hunting though :[.
    07. Hi'Beru: He's so kooky and he's so crazy, but I don't think he really had the *STAR* moment like every other got... but he's very relevant with his dream sequences and all, and being a responsible fighting member <3.
    06. Phye: I looovvvveeed his redemption. It's just so crazy good and it's like a mini-quest on its own <3... though he did have the disadvantage of coming very very very late... like he's probably the only party member to be taken at Hour 20 xD but he did his job, and slaying demons left and right <3.
    05. Myst: I have found SOMETHING sinister between Myst and Boyle. It's like Myst is the ~mistress~ who wants Boyle? It's like she had this ~dark side~ and I liked the fact that she has some sort of *attitude*. It even made me wonder if MYST CAN STEAL BOYLE D: D: D: from Ingrid. It seemed like a plausible idea at first, and I was feeling pretty sad for Ingrid or something. It's just every time there's a broomstick/potion-making, Myst and Boyle talks about things and they're left ~ALONE~ and Boyle tells ~STORIES~ which makes this little girl wraith FALL IN LOVE. It's probably my own imagination working but I LOVED IT ANYWAYS. I love Myst's DARK SIDE *devilhorns*
    04. Ingrid: <33333 I love that we have a witch in our party, and she brings the LULZ and the humors so hard <3. I love the potion making. Her book <3 Her character <3 Her crazy sisters <3 Potion-making <3 Her love for Boyle <3. I ship them so hard, and I love just how devious she could get, and how she's keeping the party together <3. Standout: The Baby Dragon <333333333.
    03. Rowen: Something about Rowen is just so sneaky and stealthy, like her backstory is already compelling <3. I love the fact that she snuck away, only to get discovered, and it really warmed my heart to see her and Riley. It's like there's this gleaming family thing in the backburner for her, which Rowen chose to take back and take to heart by the end <3. Add the fact that her gadgets ROCK <3.
    02. Boyle: Boyle might be my favorite protagonist hero? (villain?). I'm with him. I got attached. I didn't even think it'd be possible to make a villain so likable... and that hero-dog relationship ;__;. It's just so good. I love Boyle & Fang's relationship and it's dynamic, and cute... and heartwarming. Through his highs and lows, it's just so good... to his failing luck at two-card flip <3. He's just a really good "human" protagonist -- like you can see through his wrongs, but you can also see his motivations <3. Also: His fear of paladins <3.
    01. Robin: This is probably the most unexpected character of all-time. He didn't even get a MEET ROBIN :[[[ during the Aveyond 4 previews so I had low expectations... but Aveyond 4 happened... and I got this charming cute paladin wannabe ( and he's just awesome. His sense of humor is so cute and I just want to grab him on my screen <3 and hug him so tight. He's MY FAVORITE AMARANTHIAN RPG CHARACTER OF ALL-TIME <3. I didn't expect him to be so cute, and the PALADIN TESTS...it's also heartwarming. It wasn't his destiny... but he tries... and he even got his sword <3 If that's not arc completion, I do not know what it is. Add the crazy NIGHT WATCH, and his clumsy antics <3. It's just so worthwhile. He strings everyone on this little "mist"... and shrouds them in mystery. He's an ^__^ presence all the time, and each of his facial reactions STRIKE RIGHT IN THE FEELS <3. Add his nan's values. I mean, I appreciate the fact that FAMILY plays an important role in this since it's really in our culture (in Asia) to be close. Rowen, Robin's traits, Myst finding his brother. Phye freeing his people. Ingrid's sisters. Boyle's pet as family. It's just so good... and to have a store too! <3.
    If Robin transcends the RPG world and makes it here, I'd BUY FROM HIS STORE... probably... the Torture Device (*insert INGRID WICKED LAUGH*).
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    UntoldReveries got a reaction from MeeCakeyMakey in Ledger for Nan's store?   
    Once you complete a certain quest for the mayor of Tor, you'll be able to pick up the ledger.
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    UntoldReveries got a reaction from mystical31 in Lilly and Sasha: Guardian Angels   
    Why? Didn't you purchase the game?
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    UntoldReveries got a reaction from Carlybus in Frosty Forest   
    Once you complete the giant snowman, the girl in charge of it will move away from the hole leading to that area. The trick to the holes puzzle here is that they are directional so try jumping into them from different directions.
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    UntoldReveries reacted to Amaranth in Aveyond Kingdom is LIVE!!!   
    Everyone, I have plans to have the guilds return, BUT, the role of guilds is going to change, and likely how they are formed. I'll have more details later, but it's part of a bigger plan to "gameify" the forum for everyone.
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