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  1. @Ryuzaki: nice and Tifa is from Final Fantasy VII (7). http://i205.photobucket.com/albums/bb232/SeimeixIcons/yunaprevdesktop.jpg Mine: It is Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2. I don't really like her but... like the artwork. I made the wallpaper.
  2. omg, I didn't reaturn or I was away from amaranthia for a long, long time and didn't expect it O_O anyway, new set... ft. Lightning game: Final Fantasy XIII clip used: the trailers program used: Paint and Microsofwords time: 30 mins. comment: Can't wait for Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy versus XIII. News said that Square enix might cancel Finall Fantasy agito XIII, but if not, I looking forward for that too. I heart Lightning 'cuz she's cool and hopefully show people that females can own males to be the best leading role of the game xD I also heart 'storm' of Final Fantasy versus XIII because... he is cool too =] Storm is not the official name for him but o well. Anyway, nice sets everyone =3 Now I can stop talking
  3. Ummm, are you searching for cave of life, or did you already found what you were looking for...?
  4. aisling: just kidding, but it is sort of the truth =P
  5. aislingyngaio: lol, I'll call you aisling, but, isn't 'ais' easier to remember...? xD
  6. tyong: reason is in the 'username' topic xD (to lazy to say it now..) (to be specific, page 5)
  7. meichien666

    User Names

    Suu030: lol at the fish face part, I just noticed xD s_tyong: probably the 's_' is random xD
  8. nice pics everyone Might put mine soon
  9. people here sometimes call me Mei... plain simple~ xD Other sites (If you want to call on others): MC MeiDevil(666=devil's number 0.0) and yea...
  10. wolfie: yay, red eyes rule xD
  11. new set... so simple Anyway: ljspence: love the set, fits the theme of summer xD Luz_Melian: is that a new set... or is that new..? o.o s_tyong: love the avatar
  12. which guard one...? The one with only Lunair passing through the guards...?
  13. @ Oracle, s_tyong, SilverMist: Thanks I made this in MSPaint The reason why the 'big' Tifa pic is blurry ecause, you know the youtube 'new' style thing... can't make the video view smaller but I used the 'enlarge' button and screenshot it.. So... there are nothing special in this set, except I did some 'new' things on it, which went ok...
  14. new set... not so good... but o well Did some new stuff in it
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