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  1. I have played this game repeatedly and used the sphere goodie every single time. This time I'm trying to replay, and the goodie is no longer working. I've reinstalled the game and the saved goodie files. Unfortunately, it's still not letting me dig in the sphere goodie spot. Is there a way to get the goodie to finally work again?
  2. Has anyone checked on this yet?
  3. Here's a link to OverCloud9's walkthrough. I have it available for download. http://www.4shared.com/office/ciC7XYjFba/Aveyond_3_chapter_3_walkthroug.html
  4. I have that walkthrough if anyone wants it. You can find it here: http://www.4shared.com/office/ciC7XYjFba/Aveyond_3_chapter_3_walkthroug.html Hope this helps everyone! It's the one from OverCloud9.
  5. That issue did get fixed with build C. I finally used the goody, and it does only give the levels to the active party members.
  6. Difficulty Level Guide, Battle Strategies, and Training Locations Guide links are not working. Does anyone know were I can get this information elsewhere?
  7. I was talking about the +30 levels part of that goody.
  8. I have a quick question about the God goody. I have replaced the map file with the one from the God goody, and it's available whenever I need it. My question is... will it affect everyone in my battle party only, or will it also affect everyone in my reserve party too?
  9. Was there ever a checklist for AV1? I know there was one for AV2, and AV3.1-4... I helped with 3.3 and 3.4's checklists. But I thought I remembered a checklist for AV1. Am I remembering things wrong?
  10. Shaz, what is the new reward for the book pages? Lizzy
  11. When I am at the Bazaar, there is a sealed vat that holds 5 apples. Every time I try to open the vat, my game crashes. The only message I get is "The file kamau_suikoden2_03 cannot be opened." Is there a way to get another copy of that single file?
  12. Hey, I have a list of the basic spells that Talia will be able to do without a guild. Is there a list of where the spells can be found? I'm missing 3 or 4 of them, I think.
  13. To my knowledge, I didn't even talk to Nicholas yet. That may have done it. If I wanted both Nicholas and Gavin in the party, I should at least talk to Nicholas.
  14. Visit Getting Goodies to work on Vista: 2 Methods Guide. It works for Windows 7 as well.
  15. Look up at the sticky "Getting Goodies to work on Vista: 2 Methods Guide." That tell you how to do it. It also works for Windows 7. I had to do the same thing. I personally used method 2.
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