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  1. Pls help I would like some strategy of how to fight the final battle (I think is the final) I'm outnumbered 7-3 and all those guys are kicking my butt.... Also I love this game and have played em all I love the others like final fantasy and lexius but these are so cool bc u can see the enemy and walk by instead of being ambushed everytime like other games. is there a name for this style of game where one can see the enemy walk about?? Thank u for ur time and this amazing game!! Merged topics ~ Untold Reveries
  2. r the beanstalks through the crystal caves? i can see something above where i got the starbell flowers for madhuri but how do i get up there or find this beanstalk forest?
  3. omg i dooooooo duhh ok but i only have 3 of em .. i think i sold one, could i buy it back somehow?
  4. i never seen the shields anywhere, i feel i have been everywhere and even looked at a map, never have i picked up one of the guard shields, am i supposed to do something before? ive killed worms over and over and been in every chest, but nothing
  5. cool i had this egg in my items till the end and never used it so i thought i missed a quest. thank u!
  6. ohhhh, ok im replaying the end of LoT to repeat GoN lol so my mind is foggy, is the dungeon in this chapter? thank u so much!!
  7. where am i supposed to use it? every time i try it sais i cant use it in that location, please help.
  8. thank u!! i was going crazy :S lol
  9. which game has 2moon plains? lol thank u for clearing me up. but how do i find the underworld?
  10. ok forgive my confusion(after i discovered LoT, and fell in love with RPG ... i played both Avi 1 and 2 so now my head is swimming on where things were in LoT.... i am playing the end again to level up more and looking for better armor...im in thais but was in istir forest, i whent to stormbent, whichwood....and my sad question is how to get to the underworld and 2moon plains and stuff to level up.Do i have a ship in this chapter? did i loose it, i cant remmeber please help.
  11. I am super happy we get to play and explore these familiar lands again, and love the shovel !!! lol I want to let Carol know too that bigfish also has a question forum http://forums.bigfishgames.com/forums/show/1348.page I got stuck earlier and it helped! GOOD LUCK AND LETS HAVE FUN EVERYONE!!
  12. I had just learned of all these wonderful games from when i got the first chapter on bigfish.... i have downloaded everything else here and will from now on, i just hope regardless of purchasing the first chapter elsewhere all is smooth.... i love this game, its the best!! M.C- no game magic...just magic as in working smooth.
  13. soooooooooooooooooooo happy the day is finally going to b here!!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! anyone know: does where we purchase these chapters from make a difference in continuing the game? i got the first at big fish but i will download the second chapter here....will the magic still happen?
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