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  1. I get a game ending error when I try to leave Avillion to go to Rosewind. Script 'cache'line75:Type Error occured cannot convert nil into string?
  2. Sorry it took me a bit, but I had taken a break with the game. I still do not get the Seer's Eye I tried both talking to the witch and then going to Wiltshire, and also going to Wiltshire first and then talking to the witch. The boy just says leave me now. Can someone tell me the order they got through it in? I tried both bribing and convincing the matron, it didn't make a difference. Does the ginger haired boy actually give you the eye, and then an event is triggered with the witch? I am assuming I need to get across the bridge to continue..... any help welcome.
  3. Did that also ahe just says tra-la-la oh well may be stuck. I'll try and post to their site txs. Unless someone else has any answers.
  4. I'm talked to the boy, bribed the matron and talked to Jim. But he says to go rough on the boy, and I talk with the boy again and he's says now leave me alone. No Seer's Eye..... thanks for the quick reply.
  5. I am enjoying the game after getting past the parts that really lag in the larger areas. I'm on part 2 and wandering around Elona. I can't cross the bridge due to blue flames, but the quest for the women there does not show on my quest log. I have been to Fishertown, and the Orphans town. No other quest showing up? I assume I'm missing something, can anyone help guide me? Txs!
  6. I also get the same error and cannot enter the tournament. I do have the RTP installed. Is it something that can be fixed?
  7. I have looked through all the posts and am still stuck. I'm at the part where I was told to return to the Manor? I think I opened all the seals. And if I go through the last doorway and watch all the memoirs I get returned to my room. Now I'm not sure what to do. I have saves before and after the final door but not sure how to progress? I read the spoliers but still can't figure it out.Did I miss something before or after? Any help appreciated! Merged topics ~ Untold Reveries
  8. Need some help again. I have finished the Dark Fortress, gone back and picked up Yasian. Headed to Castle Lorewyn, picked up Baeon from one of the rooms and headed to the throne room to fight the real Radisol(sp?)Party dies the first time, revives, and Yasian gets Lore power. I have him cast it once,Radisol doesn't die. On Yasian's next turn Lore is gone from his list of spells. We all die and gameover. What am I doing wrong? TY! Monipsych
  9. Trying to find where to go next. I've checked old posts and can't figure it out. I'm through the 1st cavren and have the baby dragon. At the Dark Fortress I get slaughtered. From other posts am I there too soon? I have not been to many other places listed in posts and on the map? Any guidance appreciated! A quick list of the order you go to places would be divine....... Thanks! Monipsych I meant for this to post on the Lorewyn thread...sorry not sure how to move it? Merged Topics. ~Mopiece
  10. I don't have a quest log in my items. Was I supposed to pick it up somewhere? I'm in Willow and keep talking to people but can't seem to advance the story line? Help appreciated!
  11. You are so right... I'm dead. But no skull? And I guess I just thought HP would be zero and for it to say your dead. I have been much better about watching HP status. Thanks! Monica
  12. I seem to be stuck after taking the ferry over to my second town. Talia takes HP damage to 1 and then seems to get stuck. She doesn't die but I can't utilize any items to increase her HP either. I have tried reloading and starting the game and it keeps happening. It does not happen with the other character. Any ideas why? Is it me? Or might something be glitched? Thanks! Monica
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