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  1. If she realy was the oracle then why she didnt know what happend to mel? why didnt she help her to escape without letting her find the possesed staff?
  2. Requiem of the Abyss is the second game, the first one is Realm of Thanos.
  3. Very interesting. I like it. I m going to download it. Edit: It looks promising. Contact me when you finish the game so I can start working.
  4. The book is in the Statue of the King lionel.
  5. I win the game and i made all the mission.. but i forgot to marry Edward and Mel D: Well.. at least i have a reason to restart GoN
  6. I m not trying to be a bad person, but i think than its going to be necesary to close this thread util the game is released. Because is obious than the people are going to post only "OMG X days for the release! I CAN WAIT!!11!11one!"
  7. Please take you time to finish GoN. Dont hurry or its probable than the game ends out with bugs.
  8. Er, i know where the Dark water caves are but thx for try to help.
  9. *facepalm* i seached everywere but that room in the cave XD thank you
  10. I have the Druids soul and i have created the rainbow bridge but a faire want me to find some fairies, where are they?
  11. Well. i have already finished the game. i think than i cant do anything more than wait. Thx for you help.
  12. what i have to do to do the pirates leave?
  13. I cant pass the frozen lake and there is no other place to seach...
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